Habitat & Wildlife

Daley Ranch is simply beautiful — a home to undisturbed native habitats that are the precious remnants of the unique flora and fauna that once covered Southern California’s Peninsular Range and much of the state. The best way to experience it is to see it for yourself. However, if you can’t, or if you want to learn more before your visit, we encourage you to explore the following links and documents:

Plants / Botany

To learn more about plants specific to Daley Ranch, we encourage you to check out the plants page on daleyranch.info.

If you want to learn more about California Native Plants in general, or landscape your yard in an environmentally-friendly way, the Las Pilitas Nursery website offers a fantastic A to Z directory of native plants, complete with scientific names, common names, and pictures.

Another great resource is the California Chaparral Institute website.

Finally, for a comprehensive list of other general botany-related websites, please download James Dillane’s botany links (PDF).


To learn more about birds and reptiles specific to Daley Ranch, we encourage you to check out both the bird and reptile pages on daleyranch.info.

For a fantastic photo gallery featuring all kinds of California native animal species, please view the Wildlife of Southern California photo gallery by Photohiker.

Rocks / Geology

To learn more about the rock formations and geology of Daley Ranch, we encourage you to check out the rocks page on daleyranch.info.

In addition, our Daley Ranch geology map (PDF) details the types of bedrock formations underneath the various regions of the preserve.