Horseback Riding

Daley Ranch offers one of the best horseback riding experiences in San Diego County with great scenery & diverse trails. Exploring Daley Ranch on horseback is a great way to experience the natural beauty of Southern California.

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Rules & helpful tips

  • Daley Ranch is open for horseback riding daily from dawn to dusk.
  • The three entrances to Daley Ranch pose different advantages and challenges to horseback riders, and the drivers of horse trailers. Learn more…
  • Love plants? A helpful plant guide is available at the La Honda Drive entrance. Suggested donation $5.
  • Always remember to wear appropriate clothing, and bring sunscreen and plenty of water. Hats are recommended.
  • Watch out for hikers and mountain bikers at Daley Ranch. Both are supposed to yield to any horses encountered on the trail, but they sometimes don’t. In particular, bikers sometimes fly down trails without warning at unsafe speeds, so stay alert!
  • For official rules and regulations, please see the City of Escondido’s website…