Friends Of Daley Ranch Board Meeting Minutes
October 16, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. at 921 Sol Vista Glen, Escondido CA 92025

Board members present: Sally Thomas, Jerry Harmon, Irene OıNeille, Carol Stanford. Also present: Rick Paul.
Minutes of September 13, 2003, were approved without reading. Treasurerıs report was postponed until November 13 meeting.

Open Space Coalition: Carol was unable to attend the last meeting. David Hogan will attend the November 13 FODR meeting to update the Board on the Open Space Coalition MSCP comment letter, the County MSCP process, and suggestions on how FODR can participate to the benefit of the Ranch.

River Run: Jerry reported that the River Run was not as well attended as in previous years. Approximately 50 signatures were gathered at the booth at Grape Day and River Run combined.

Logo: Liz LaBlond from Palomar Community College sent several samples from her students. The Board liked several but postponed decisions until full Board meets.

Paperwork: Sal distributed copies of the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. Copies of the Trust for Public Land Easement and the Daley Ranch Master Plan will be available for Board members at the November 13 meeting.

Web presence: Sal reported that the web page is awaiting final polish and graphics. The designer will be moving to the East Coast and will not be able to finish or update the site. Sal will attend to it until a real expert can be found.

City response to Stanley Peak letter re TPL: Sal and Jerry wrote a letter to Clay Phillips, City Manager, forwarding information from the Trust for Public Lands about how TPL could help make some arrangement over the Stanley Peak property to connect the Ranch to City watershed land in the County. No response received to date.

Meeting with Wildlife Agencies: Jerry and Rick reported that the agencies were interested in our concerns, and particularly took note that the Cityıs Biological Survey and Management Plan had not been made available to the public. The Board agreed that the meetings should continue every six months. Dick will be asked to set up a calendar with the Agencies.

Continuing Discussions:

  1. 1. MHCP comment process: David Hogan will meet with us to advise on how we can more effectively participate in this process. Jerry felt that commenting and raising of issues would be a continuous process even after the plan is adopted and the implementing agreements written.
  2. Meeting with Pam Slater and other conservation groups: Jerry reported Supervisor Slater will meet with FODR about every 6 months. She is interested in having County staff assist in the acquisition of Stanley Peak or an easement to maintain public access to the Peak and connection to the County MSCP. Jerry will arrange and continue the meetings. Sally will write a letter requesting that FODR be notified by County planning whenever development issues concerning boundary properties come up for action. Rick will make a list of the parcel numbers to reference in the letter.
  3. Increasing size of the Board: The Board voted to establish a Communications Chairman. Rick Paul was nominated and approved for the position. The Board is particularly happy to have Rickıs expertise in local government to call upon.
  4. Ranch House refurbishing and other Daley Ranch Decisions: Discussion ensued about how to be more involved in the Cityıs decision-making processes that affect the Ranch. Direct requests will be made at the November 13 meeting and in other meetings with City personnel.
  5. Access to Biological Survey and Monitoring plan report -- Direct requests will be made again at the November meeting.
  6. Fundraising for land acquisition: More people are needed and discussion will continue in November.
  7. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.
Submitted by Sally Thomas
for Rick Mercurio