Friends Of Daley Ranch Board Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2004

President Sally Thomas opened the meeting at her home at 6 p.m. Rick's minutes from the November meeting were approved as amended by Barbara Redlitz via email. Irene gave the treasurer's report. Since November 1 we have had $135 in renewals and $379.61 from the iron ranger, plus a $500 donation from the Harmans. Rick will write a personal thank you to them. Our current total balance is $11,570.98. Irene suggested the placement of another iron ranger at the base of Caballo Trail.

Sally reported that Dick Bray met with Barbara Redlitz regarding the establishment of plots in Daley Ranch to study the biology of wildlife recovery from fire damage. The Friends supports this effort, and wants Dick to let us know how we can help. In general the Friends want to keep a close watch on this recovery period, and will start by attending the hike led by Carol on January 25.

The Board discussed the MHCP and NC MSCP subarea plans as well as the North County Open Space Coalition. Carol attends the NCOSC meeting monthly and will keep the Friends abreast of the latest developments. The FODR board expressed a strong desire for networking as these key plans are worked out.

Sally has written a letter on behalf of FODR regarding the Stanley Peak property. The letter was addressed to Tom Oberbauer, asking that this property and others on the east side of Daley Ranch be put on the "high priority list" for acquisition and to maintain protected status for that area in the habitat plans.

The Board is anxious to see the Merkel report on the biology of Daley Ranch. We understand that certain portions may be incomplete, but we hope that the City will be able to allow us to examine the document, even if it is before public release. The City is also looking into Clay Phillips' suggestion that the ranch house could be used to generate revenue from rental fees by groups or private parties. FODR seeks to be in on the ground floor of any discussion regarding this possibility. We would also hope that enviornmental impacts of expanded usage would be carefully considered.

The Board was very pleased with David Hogan's presentation at our last meeting. Rick will write a thank you to him. FODR would like to keep an eye on City Council agendas for any items related to Daley Ranch. Sally will ask if Jack Pomeroy might be able to serve us in this capacity. Sally might also ask Jack if he might be willing to lead FODR on a walk to the Santa Rosa Plateau during wildflower season.

We hope to have a general membership potluck on April 17 this year rather than paying all the costs of a hosted lunch. The January newsletter was also discussed.

The next board meeting will be February 12 at the Train Depot. Subsequent meetings will be March 11 at a residence, April 8 at the Depot, and May 13 at a residence.

Respectfully submitted,
Rick Mercurio, Secretary