Friends Of Daley Ranch Meeting Minutes
Feburary 12, 2004

The meeting came to order at 7:00 p.m.

Present: Sally Thomas, President; Jerry Harmon, Vice President; Irene OĠNeill, Treasurer; Carol Stanford, Conservation Chair; Tony Smock, Linda Shipman and Duane Boney: City of Escondido Public Works Dept; Tracy Ellis. A quorum was not present.

Approval of the January minutes was postponed until March.

The Treasurer reported $11851.42 balance in accounts. Approval of payment for postage and printing of the January newsletter was postponed until March. No other bills are outstanding at this time.

City Reports: Stanley Peak: The new owner allowed the City to procede with appraisal of the property, but has not made known development plans, annexation, and other considerations regarding anticipated use of the property.

Merkel Report release: The report remains with Barbara Redlitz who has not yet had time to review it. (The report was submitted to the City in 2002).

Ranch House use - Plans for public access are still vague. City staff uses the house for assorted meetings and is planning a staff retreat later in the year. Public Works Department has decided that the block house across from the main ranch house has no historic value, and is in dangerous disrepair. It will be bulldozed to provide a trailer site for a full time caretaker. Relocation of the trailer is felt to be an aesthetic enhancement for the Ranch house. A ranch host set up that would allow qualified persons to temporarily reside on the site, in a manner similar to camp hosts at state and federal campgrounds, is being considered.

Fire recovery - New growth is sprouting up everywhere. Carol asked for permission to remove mustard along trails as she leads hikes. Tony and Linda said they would secure permission from Barbara Redlitz, and provide the appropriate identification.

MHCP process - The federal grant for designing the management element of the City's subarea plan has not yet been received. Staff time will provide matching contribution for the grant.

MSCP - The City staff has not made any specific contact with the County regarding MSCP designations along the County boundaries.

Pre-Approved Mitigation Area designations have been shown on preliminary maps, suggesting the Stanley Peak property would be a candidate for County acquisition. No specific plan has been made by the County or City for acquisitions.

Daley Ranch Tracking Team - Duane thanked FODR for the training scholarship offer, and explained that the full course is three sessions at $35 each. Trainees are allowed to assist on transects after completing the first session. Linda reported that the Naturalists would foot the second $35 for participants willing to commit to volunteer for a year on Ranch transects.

Cabaillo Trail improvement - Public Works rebuilt the fire-damaged Trail with volunteer assistance. The new route reduces the Trail's grade, and reduces impact to coastal sage scrub. The equestrian staging area will be improved with temporary corrals and picnic tables.

Other Reports: Conservation Chair: Carol reported she continues to attend North County Open Space Coalition, but has nothing specific for Escondido at this time. Communications Chair: Rick Paul phoned a report that he has not yet gained an appointment with Mayor Holt-Pfiler. Vice President: Jerry reported CEO met with Councilman Ed Gallagher. Among other issues, Jerry reiterated FODR's concern that the City acquire Stanley Peak. No specific calendar for meetings with the County Supervisor or the Wildlife Agencies has been made at this time.

Miscellaneous: No progress has been made toward persuading City to include FODR and other interested citizens in Ranch planning. Jack Pomeroy will lead a walk at Santa Rosa Plateau on Saturday, March 6. Five people present said they would join the venture, and would prefer a not-too-early start for about a 4 hour walk especially to see flowers. Sally will talk to Jack about the details, and contact everyone next week. Jack also stated that he would not be able to do the proposed Council agenda watch. Janene Colby proposes to publish, initially at her expense, a trail guide identifying common plants in the coastal sage scrub and chaparral communities at Daley. She prefers that the publication be a free ,reusable, for Ranch visitors. She would also grant FODR permission to continue to publish the piece in any way it wished in the future, including use as a fundraiser. Sally, Carol, and Tracy will meet with Janene to develop the project.

Calendar: March 11: Board at 921 Sol Vista Glen, 6:00 p.m. for dinner. March 22: Newsletter deadline for Spring stories April 1: Newsletter target mailing date April 17: Membership Meeting at Dixon Lake (details to be decided March 11) April 8: Board at Grape Day Park Train Depot, 7:00 p.m. May 13: Board at residence: TBA

Respectfully submitted on behalf of Rick Mercurio,

Sally Thomas, President