Friends Of Daley Ranch Meeting Minutes
March 11, 2004

Present: Carol Stanford, Sally Thomas, Jerry Harmon, Rick Paul, Irene O'Neill, and latecomer Rick Mercurio

President Sally Thomas opened the meeting at her home at 6:40. The minutes were dispensed with, as Rick M. was not yet present.

Irene gave the treasurer's report. Our current balance is $12,884.88, with $285 in recent renewals; we paid $48 for our post office box. We also are paying $210 to the San Diego Tracking Team as an "honorarium" for their training.

Jerry will ask at the next CEO meeting if FODR may view the Merkel Biological Report. We also want to keep Stanley Peak in the forefront and get the latest developments from the City.

It was reported that Oceanside and Carlsbad are ready to "size up" the MHCP, which continues to materialize. As for the MSCP, the CEO met and wants to communicate with Councilman Ed Gallo about the ongoing process of MSCP, and make sure he is aware of its importance.

We wondered if the Daley Ranch Tracking Team could obtain a grant from the City, but FODR needs more information to be able to help the City with this.

The board complimented the Rangers for the Caballo Trail improvement.

The board expressed an interest in contacting an environmental lawyer; such a person would make an ideal board member. Carol said she had a possible contact and would persue it.

Communication Chair Rick Paul said that on Wednesday, April 21, the CEO will be meeting with Lori Pfeiler.

Vice President Jerry Harmon mentioned that FODR needs to sustain a schedule of meetings with the wildlife agencies to keep networking about Daley Ranch. We had a productive meeting earlier, and we want to keep up the momentum. We want to make sure Dick Bray is involved with this.

Rick Paul volunteered to serve as the FODR representative on the Conservation Resource Network. The board expressed its appreciation to Rick for this.

The board agreed to provide the Daley Ranch volunteers with space in our newsletter.

We also agreed to send our newsletter to a long list of volunteers and guests to Daley Ranch. This list has been compiled over the past four year