Friends Of Daley Ranch Meeting Minutes
April 8, 2004

Sally opened the meeting at 7 pm at the Train Depot in Grape Day Park, Escondido. 

Present: Rick Paul, Dick Bray, Jerry Harmon, Sally Thomas, Carol Stanford,Irene O'Neill, Rick Mercurio, and from the City of Escondido, Jay Cowan.

Irene gave the treasurer's report; FODR currently has a balance of $11,825. 

Sally noted that the appraisal for the Stanley Peak property has been completed. FODR is hopeful that the City will be able to make an offer to purchase, but we have little more information about the proceedings as of now. 

Sally also said that the City and FODR are trying to work out an arrangement whereby the City would possibly print and fold our newsletter (which FODR would reimburse) and we would include City volunteers on our mailing list.
Sally read the entire Merkel biological study, which the City has not yet accepted as official nor made public.  She will issue a more formal "report" at a later date.  She did note that the document identified numerous roles for volunteers to help out at Daley Ranch. We would like to recruit more volunteers from our membership. Also, there are more single track bike trails at the ranch than earlier.
The San Diego Tracking Team has officially created a Daley Ranch satellite group led by Duane Boney.  Twelve volunteers signed up and seven will take the first training.  They will collect and input data for their transect work. The FODR Board unanimously named Boney as our liaison to the Tracking Team, for which our organization will serve as its umbrella authority while allowing them much autonomy.
Jerry reported that the CEO will be meeting with Mayor Pfeiler on April 21. On behalf of FODR, Jerry will bring up Stanley Peak, the Merkel report, financing for management of biological resources at Daley Ranch, and edge effects, among other issues.  Jerry and Dick also encouraged setting another meeting with the wildlife agencies.  The Merkel report ought to be used as the basis of discussion at this meeting.  Sally will see if the City will allow the report to be used for this purpose.  Dick believes that the City ought to consider hiring a full time overseer, who would monitor the habitat for compliance with biological standards.  Dick said that in the long run the cost of this position would be more than compensated by insuring the long-term integrity of the conservation bank, which generates revenue for the City.
Rick Paul has accepted the position of FODR liaison to the newly-created Conservation Resource Network.  Sally signed and  presented the official Document of Understanding whereby FODR becomes a member organization of CRN. This group is primarily a network of land trusts in San Diego County.  They have received a grant to hire an executive director.
The FODR Board is extremely grateful to Janene Colby who is writing and publishing the first Daley Ranch illustrated trail guide to plants at her own expense.  We will look for the best ways to make it available to the users of the ranch.
FODR agreed to share a booth at the Escondido October Street Fair with Hellhole Canyon.  We will split the cost.  FODR will also have a booth at the Grape Days event in September.
The annual BBQ will be also be a potluck this year on May 1.  We have highlighted it in the current newsletter, Jerry will send out separate mailed invitations to our members, and all board members will phone them as well.  Rangers and volunteers will also be invited.  We will host a fire official who will discuss last October's fire as it relates to Daley Ranch. We will also honor the three council members who originally voted to purchase Daley Ranch as an open space preserve.
Our next meeting will be May 13 at Irene O'Neill's home, which will be a potluck. 

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, Secretary