Friends Of Daley Ranch Meeting Minutes
July 8, 2004

Minutes of Dinner Meeting of Board and Guests of Friends of Daley Ranch July 8, 2004 at home of Rick Paul.

Present:: Rick Paul, Jerry Harmon, Irene OšNeill, Carol Stanford, Don Piller, Sally Thomas, Margaret Krause

Guest presenter: Mike Kelly, Conservation Resource Network (CRN)

Called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Treasurer Irene OšNeill reported a deposit of $405 and a balance of $12,000.

Sally Thomas reviewed minutes of last meeting.

Articles of incorporation distributed; Carol Stanford has scanned them for website. Group approved letter to address city sub area plans in reference to MSCP.

Mike Kelly described functions, plans, and liaisons of CRN. Detailed maps will be available online. He invited FODR to place calendar information directly on CRN website. The TransNet ballot measure was discussed.

Carol Stanford was unable to attend last North County Open Space Coalition meeting.

Sally Thomas reported on meeting with Barbara Redlitz and group discussed map of Daley Ranch in relation to private and public land to southeast. Useful contacts to explore this connection were suggested. Jerry Harmon will contact city officials and Rick Paul will contact landowners to determine current perceptions. Sally Thomas will contact individuals who have had experience with similar endeavors. Jerry Harmon proposed and the group agreed that Sid Hollins would be approached to participate.

Next meeting will be August 12th at Depot in Grape Day Park. Meeting adjourned 9:30 p.m.


Margaret Kraus