Friends Of Daley Ranch Meeting Minutes
September 9, 2004

The meeting began at 7:00 pm. at the Escondido Train Depot in Grape Day Park.

Attendance - Board Members: Sally, Fred, Carol, Dick, Jerry, Rick Paul, Irene, Margaret, Rick Mercurio.
Guests: Tracey Brown, Janene Colby

Sally opened the meeting at 7 pm at her home. Sally read the minutes from the previous meeting which she had taken in Rick's absence.

Irene delivered the treasurer's report: we have $12,549 as a balance. Rick moved, and Irene seconded, to reimburse Sally for $93 in newsletter expenses, plus expenses for copying the master plan and the implementing agreement. Motion passed unanimously.

The board made plans for the Grape Day Festival, and approved funding for new membership applications. The Daley Ranch Volunteer Association will not be required to pay affiliation fees, though donations are always welcome.

The board recognized the outstanding contribution of Janene Colby for producing the brochure that is now available at Daley Ranch.

The board discussed the Transnet measure on the Nov. 2 ballot. Rick moved and Dick seconded to oppose Transnet. Motion passed by a 6-2 vote. Jerry and Fred will articulate reasons we oppose this tax extension, and we will acknowledge the good intent of the environmentalists on the other side of this issue.

The board discussed land acquisition on the east side of Daley Ranch. Stanley Peak owner Sylvester is a willing seller but we have not heard from Sager.

James Dillane has surveyed plants in the area, but we need a bird assessment. A "tracking team" has checked out this area as well. Rick Paul said he was contacting "Wildlife Forever" for $100,000 toward Stanley Peak, and Carol inquired about Native American casino money that might be available. Sally suggested that we set goals for fund raising. Rick Paul will contact the San Diego Foundation.

Next meeting will be Oct. 14 at the Train Depot

September 9 (dinner, Sal)
October 14 at Train Depot
November 11 (dinner, Jerry)
December 9 at Train Depot
Call 480-1917 for directions to dinner meetings

Respectfully submitted,
Sally Thomas (for Rick Mercurio)