Friends Of Daley Ranch Meeting Minutes
October 14, 2004

The meeting began at 7:00 pm. at the Escondido Train Depot in Grape Day Park.

Attendance - Board Members: Sally, Fred, Carol, Dick, Jerry, Rick Paul, Irene, Margaret, Rick Mercurio

Guests: Tracey Brown, Janene Colby

Sally opened the meeting at the Train Depot in Grape Day Park, Escondido, at 7 pm.
Minutes and Treasurer's Report were suspended until the next meeting.

We welcomed a special guest, Alex Tynberg, of the Trust for Public Lands of San Francisco, who presented a slide show about that organization. TPL can obtain grant money and can broker deals in order to obtain open space and other public use lands from private ownership. They have an outstanding track record, and were the organization that put together the City's original purchase of Daley Ranch. They do require payment for their services, which is often obtained from the seller in lieu of commission fees they would otherwise be paying. In essence TPL is the middle man in deals between willing owners of private land and public entities that will end up owning and managing the land. Alex suggested that FODR could establish and maintain communication among all interested parties in future land acquisition cases, such as Stanley Peak, Sager Ranch, and the Von Seggern property near Lake Wholford. He said it would be paramount to get official endorsement of land acquisition from local government entities (i.e. the County and City) as well as relevant agencies (e.g. US Fish and Wildlife Service). The board suggested contacting Pam Slater's office as well as Nancy Frost of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. FODR also suggests a biological study of subject lands. Dick was also interested in pursuing possible acquisition of conservation easements along Daley Ranch's western border, specifically the Deer Park Buddist property.

Barbara Redlitz wrote a letter to US Fish and Wildlife and to California Dept. of Fish and Game regarding possible acquisition of Stanley Peak via funds from the Daley Ranch Conservation Bank Restoration Fund. A copy of this letter will become part of these minutes, attached in our files. FODR applauds the City's efforts.

More maintenance is needed on the Caballo Trail. The City needs an additional $320 to pay the "Rainbow Girls" to perform this service. Irene moved and Carol seconded to pay this cost. The motion passed unanimously.

Plans were made for the Saturday Escondido Street Fair booth to be shared with Hellhole Canyon.

Jerry announced a tour of the Escondido Flood Control Channel on Nov. 12 at 10 a.m.

A tour of the Hale Avenue Waste Treatment Plant is set for December 10 at 10 a.m. Both tours are sponsored by Escondido Creek Conservancy and all are welcome.

Jerry also said that the Escondido Creek Watershed Alliance is emerging as a player in local conservation efforts. FODR may be invited to be a signatory group in the ECWA and Jerry will pursue this at their next meeting..

Jerry also suggested a tour of Hellhole Canyon within the next 6 months to see the effects of the fire there before rains can greatly affect the vegetation.

Next meeting will be Thursday, November 11 at 7 p.m. at the home of Jerry Harmon.

Addition to Daley Ranch Minutes from 10-14-04 Dick Bray introduced Tracey Brown, Biology Professor at CSUSM and resident of Escondido, to the Board. Rick moved, and Irene seconded, to name Tracey as our new Education Chair. Motion passed unanimously. Dick agreed to continue his involvement with FODR, and the Board thanked him for his service and looks forward to his ongoing expertise. The Board heartily welcomed Tracey.

Next meetings:
November 11 (dinner, Jerry)
December 9 at Train Depot
Call 480-1917 for directions to dinner meetings

Respectfully submitted,
Rick Mercurio, Secretary