Friends Of Daley Ranch Meeting Minutes
December 9, 2004

The meeting began at 7:00 pm and was hosted by Tracey Brown.

Attendance - Board Members: Tracey Brown, Jerry Harmon, Rick Mercurio, Irene O’Neill, Sally Thomas, Rick Paul, and Fred Woods

Minutes of October and November were approved as emailed and corrected.

The Treasurer reported a balance of $13755.34 in savings. Rick Mercurio moved to pay Sal $115.00 for FODR’s share of the Street Fair Booth and $93.00 for printing the Summer newsletter and flyer's. Motion was seconded and approved.

Old business: Sylvester/Stanley Peak:
A letter from FODR was sent to the Wildlife Agencies recommending approval of the City’s proposal to use the Restoration Fund to acquire Stanley Peak property. No word yet whether the Agencies have acted. Jerry will continue to monitor via CEO; Sal will follow up with Agencies. Sager & VanSeggren - After discussion it was decided that no interest was indicated by these owners. Pam Slater is aware of FODR’s interest in the properties. No new action was identified.
CRN - Rick reported a letter was forwarded by Mike Kelly from Lynn Baker, who represents the owner of a property near the north end of the Ranch where developer Michael Crews is beginning a project. It was agreed that the Board would need more information on the location of the project and the kind of action being requested. Rick Paul will follow up. Rick is on the CRN subcommittee to design acquisition criteria and priorities. The key words so far are connectivity and contiguous parcels. FODR needs to make the case to CRN for property acquisitions as soon as possible.
Rick also reported on his attendance at the San Diego Foundation Grant Seekers Workshop. Of most importance in successful grants is personal connection with the grant-making organization.

Tracking Team - Rick Paul asked whether the Daley Ranch Tracking Team data would be available to FODR. Sal will follow up with the question to Duane.

Docents - The volunteer group is moving ahead with plans for a fund raising photo contest and will be asking for FODR to help in some capacity. More details will be available after the first of the year.

Newsletter - The next newsletter will go out end of December or beginning of January. Sal expects to get information from Duane, and has already received some from Rick Mercurio. Additional information from the City will be elicited. Janene’s gift - Tracey reported that she would like to increase the amount of the gift certificate for Janene. Her request was agreed to. Sal will get a certificate and frame to go with the gift.

New Business
Members were given a copy of the San Diego Foundation Self Evaluation for Nonprofit Groups. The date for the Self Evaluation Retreat was changed to February 5. The agenda for the retreat will include a visit to the Ranch House. The retreat place will be finalized at the January Board Meeting.
January 13 Board Meeting: The meeting will be at the Train Station and will focus on how best to do the Self Evaluation Retreat. Board members were asked to read through the evaluation questions prior to the January meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Sally Thomas (for Rick Mercurio, Secretary)