Friends of Daley Ranch Minutes

September 17, 2009

Present: Board members Rick Paul, Sally Thomas, Carol Stanford, Mike Whalen, and Rick Mercurio; guest Larry Osen

      Treasurer Rick Paul opened the meeting at 7:30 at the home of Rick M. Rick Paul submitted a treasurer’s report.  Mike moved to approve reimbursement to Fred Woods for three expenditures: $62.53 for printing 500 maps of the ranch, $32.63 for the new FODR mission statement sign at the main entrance to the ranch, and $21.38 for breakfast expenses with architect Bob McQuead. Carol seconded and the motion passed unanimously. The Board agreed that the next printing of the ranch map should acknowledge FODR as the sponsor. Our Grape Day booth brought many sign-ups.

      Jerry Harmon had asked whether another community organization, the Escondido Chamber of Citizens, may use the FODR database to send invitations to a COC October 3 community forum on water conservation. Rick M moved to allow the COC to use the FODR mailing list for this specific event “in order to educate the citizens about water conservation,” which is an important concern for Daley Ranch. Mike seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.                       

      Fred has met with Bob McQuead and provided him with many photographs and measurements of the several utility buildings at the ranch. The Board expressed its hope that McQuead will now develop a workable plan for restoration/preservation.

      Sally has been named as a member of the executive committee of the Conservation Resource Network (CRN). This organization includes several “movers and shakers” in the environmental community of San Diego County. Sally said that CRN is trying to set priorities for the $820 million Transnet funds. CRN includes other like-minded environmental groups, which sometimes results in dynamic tension in competing for limited funds. Mike Kelly of CRN is now seeking to redefine goals and objectives for the organization. They are also compiling a database of properties to potentially acquire for habitat protection. The FODR Board asked Sally to promote the funding of the Council Ridge property just west of Daley Ranch. CRN ought to stay in contact with Dennis Howard of the Deer Park Buddhist Monastery who is leading the acquisition project.  The Board also asked Sally to bring the Von Seggren and Sager Ranch properties to CRN’s attention.

      Carol expressed a strong desire to personally contribute to the Council Ridge effort. In that spirit, Carol wrote a check for $500 to FODR to be used for this project. FODR will present these funds at the next fund raising event, with commensurate publicity. The Board enthusiastically thanked Carol for her generosity.

     Larry related his recent experiences at Daley Ranch. He believes that there is a need for a greater level of protection of the natural environment at Daley Ranch. The Board suggested that Larry draft a letter expressing his feelings. That letter could be printed in the next FODR newsletter as well as possibly sent to City Council members.

      The next meeting is set for October 15 at the train depot.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, secretary