FODR Board Meeting Minutes

April 29, 2022


Present: Jerry Harmon, Brocade Wu, Fred Woods, Dick Althouse, Ron Franzese, and Rick Mercurio


Minutes and Treasurer’s Report: The minutes of 3-29-22 were approved by acclamation. Rick had emailed the Board the line item accounting for March and April to date. He noted that the accounting firm is still awaiting word from the IRS about their threatened fine to FODR for late filing of last year’s taxes. Ron suggested that we ask Sanchez for proof of filing.

Interpretive trail status: Rick is continuing to work with individuals on the signs. James Dillane submitted his plant descriptions and great photos for his two signs. The Spanish language interpreter is still working on this, and as soon as he is finished Rick and James will meet with Fast Signs to plan the design. Also, Rick has been working with Diania Caudell and Michael Cerda on two of the three Native American signs. Good progress has been made. We are still awaiting word from the San Diego Natural History Museum for permission to use selected photos for the animal signs. Ron agreed to work with Rick to help design mounting plans for the signs, and for building the kiosk.

Barn restoration: Dick went to the City last week to meet with the Building Dept. He is dealing with inspections and permits. He, Jerry and Ron continue to work on Saturday mornings and they are making steady progress. Dick has a friend who helped last Saturday with braces. Jerry is asking for an estimate of total expenses.

Social media & website: Brocade says she is putting out posts regularly. She will post anything Board members want, and Jerry suggested barn and trail items. She plans to meet with Don Piller to work on new website ideas.

Deer Park contact: Ron had agreed to re-establish contact with the Deer Park Monastery to maintain that relationship with FODR. He has obtained the name of a possible volunteer, and Jerry will follow up with her about possible involvement and/or Board membership with FODR.


Goals and objectives future meeting: The Board had expressed a desire to schedule a time for a goals and strategy planning meeting. Ron produced a list of possible topics. These include 1) Watchdog Role, 2) Political Relationships, 3) Fundraising, Membership and Dues, 4) Barn and Other Restoration Projects, 5) Educational Programs, 6) Organization Development, 7) Blacksmith Event. It was decided to spread out these topics for discussion at more than one regular meeting, starting with the next one on May 27 at 1 p.m. at Jerry’s home in Escondido.


Status of the Mitigation fund and city acquisition agreement of DR to monitor wildlife biology: Marilyn and Jerry had volunteered to look into these matters. Jerry handed out a City Council Staff Report from April of 2021. It deals with the Mitigation Bank issue. Jerry asked the Board for input on any questions we have about the Mitigation credits and money issues in general. Jerry met with Darren Parker, associate planner, who may be willing to meet with us at our bi-monthly Train Depot meetings. FODR could also apply for grants on behalf of the City. Jerry also shared copies of communications with BLM about acquiring their lands in and adjacent to Daley Ranch from over 20 years ago. We want to resurrect this effort.


July newsletter: Rick asked for ideas. He asked Brocade to send wildlife photos submitted to her for social media. We could print those and give credit to the photographer. Brocade will also do some connecting blurbs about her social media. We will discuss other ideas after our next meeting.


7th grade trips:  Fred reported good news: the Escondido Community Foundation agreed to allow FODR to retain “leftover funds” for future trips. Fred and Rick completed a grant application to the San Diego Foundation for $25,000 toward the 2023 field trips after the City’s interim superintendent agreed in principle to support them. Rick and Fred will be meeting with teacher leaders from the Escondido Union School District next week to begin planning for those trips.

Next meeting: Friday, May 27, 1 p.m. at Jerry’s Escondido home.


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, Secretary