Friends of Daley Ranch Annual Planning Meeting

January 7, 2017
Present: Fred Woods, Dick Althouse, Jim Schafer, Jerry Harmon, Rick Paul, Colleen Mackinnon, and Rick Mercurio.
Treasurerís Report: Fred opened the meeting at 9:15 a.m. at Jimís home. Rick P had prepared a print out of the treasurerís report. It includes several recent donations, some of which are quite generous. Rick P said that FODR has a few options for investing our funds. He will check with Mission Federal Credit Union to see what they may offer.
FODR Website: Rick M moved to reimburse Fred $290 for payment of the annual Word Press Engine hosting fee. Jim seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Colleen will inquire to Don Piller about an additional bill of $290 for Dot 5 hosting, to see if it is still needed. Dave Woods wrote a letter to the FODR Board concerning needed website modifications. Rick M moved to approve Daveís recommendations for an update to the FODR website. Colleen seconded and the motion passed unanimously. The Board asked Fred to thank Dave very much for his generous offer to do this work pro bono.
The Board thanked Colleen for handling FODR Facebook messages.
Newsletter: Bruce Swanson is preparing the winter newsletter for publication this month. Articles will include Rick Mís feature on Diania Caudell (Native American volunteer), Denise Harterís piece about the tracking team, and Colleen will write a brief summary of Novemberís annual picnic. FODR plans to continue its quarterly schedule for newsletters.
Save1000Acres: Rick P reported that FODR has received $3500 so far in donations for this ďmatchingĒ campaign to purchase open space near Daley Ranch. Rick M agreed to spearhead a mailing for this purpose to all FODR members this March. He will send letters on FODR letterhead and enclose pre-printed return envelopes supplied by TECC. Colleen said she would work on designing and printing mailing envelopes with the FODR logo and our return address. Rick M will also work with TECC to facilitate transfer of received donations, as well as the $50K pledged by FODR, to TECC at some point in the future.
School Visits: Fred has organized 11 school trips from all five Escondido middle schools, plus the new Quantum Academy, between March and May. He is working smoothly with a new Transportation Director at the school district. He also is in contact with a new presenter for the raptor learning station. FODR has enough money from previous grants to fund this yearís program. Fred will soon be attending a Rotary lunch to receive their $2000 grant. Jerry mentioned that Escondido Kiwanis Club is looking for a speaker, and he hoped that Fred and Rick M might work with them to establish a connection.
Building Restoration: Dick led a discussion about possible efforts to continue FODRís program of renovations and restorations of historic structures at Daley Ranch. At this point Dick feels that we should wait before trying to build a cage-like supporting structure for Building 4. When and if this project goes forward it would probably need to be signed off by a structural engineer. The Board also expressed an interest in shoring up the historic barn. All agreed this would be important, but also expensive and time-consuming. Jim offered to contact Steve Van Wormer, who identified the barn as historically significant in an earlier assessment, to see what steps might need to be taken. Rick M mentioned that the Escondido Historic Preservation Commission might be motivated to help in this effort.
Dick is most interested in re-building the old ďResidence,Ē the structure on the hill across from the ranch house. It has a large stone fireplace/chimney, but virtually nothing else is worth saving. Dick feels like a new building on this site could potentially serve an interpretive center, and even as a place for scouts or other groups to use for overnights or learning centers. Dick will consider what steps must be taken, and how to proceed. The Board is also excited about this project.
Tracking Team: Denise Harter is getting a very positive response to her tracking team training session set for March. She is requesting that FODR help pay for the packets each participant will receive. Rick M moved to fund these packets up to a total of $150. Jerry seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
Foremanís Quarters: Colleen is in the process of obtaining period-appropriate furnishings and other items for the foremanís quarters that Dick and other volunteers rebuilt. When Colleen has acquired more items, she will work with the City to open the quarters to the public, presumably on Second Sundays when rangers are already on duty at the ranch house.
Interpretive Display: Rick M hopes to revive efforts to purchase a display case for the ranch house. Funds are available, but leadership is needed. Jerry and Dick said that locking wheels could be added to the legs of a glass-topped case.
Stanley Peak , Kiosks and Plant Signs: Jim and his son Dave are continuing to build new panorama panels for the top of Stanley Peak. Jim is also working on improvements to the existing kiosk at the main entrance to DR. Rick P will research the cost of a proposed Caballo Trailhead sign, at which time the Board may consider funding for it. Colleen is still working on repairing and/or replacing damaged or missing signs for plant species along the trails. Sunrise Rotary may again assist.
FODR Budget: The Board planned a categorical budget for 2017, item by item, inserting new dollar figures. The budget will be presented at a subsequent meeting.
New Board Member and Board Elections: Colleen moved to invite Su Scott to officially join the Board. Rick M seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Rick P moved to adopt the following elective positions for FODR: PresidentóColleen; Vice-PresidentóJim; SecretaryóRick M; TreasureróRick P. Jerry seconded and the new slate was elected unanimously. The Board thanked Fred for his 10 years of excellent service as president, and he was presented with a commemorative plaque. He will continue as a Board member and school trips coordinator.
Akin Trust Legacy Gift: At the Boardís invitation, Nina Akin and Andrea Douglas met with the Board for a few minutes during the meeting. Nina and Andrea are the daughters of Royal and Perla Akin, who designated FODR as a beneficiary in their trust. The Board thanked them for their parentsí generosity and asked them to share their thoughts about what drew Royal and Perla to Daley Ranch. Both loved the outdoors, with Royal interested in botany and birdlife, and Perla enjoying hiking and environmental pursuits. Nina and Andrea were fine with FODR honoring their parents publicly, in our newsletter and possibly with a new scholarship for high school seniors majoring in environmental studies. The sisters were also very happy that a large portion of the Akin legacy gift is going toward purchasing open space habitat corridors via our Save1000Acre campaign. The Board expressed its appreciation for the sistersí meeting with us, and hoped for an ongoing relationship with them.
Next Meeting: The next regular meeting will be on Wednesday, February 15 at 7 p.m. at the Train Depot in Grape Day Park, Escondido.
Respectfully submitted,
Rick Mercurio, secretary