Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes

Annual Retreat Meeting
January 9, 2021


Participants: Jerry Harmon, Dick Althouse, Fred Woods, Rick Mercurio, and Brocade Wu.

Board Membership and Elections: Jerry opened the Zoom meeting at 9 a.m. Rick moved to add Brocade to our Board. Fred seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Brocade then shared her “history” with Daley Ranch. She loves hiking there, and on her initial visit with her little dog she got lost, but eventually found her way back. Now she has hiked most of the trails there.

Fred nominated Jerry to be president and Rick to be secretary-treasurer. Dick seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

The Board agreed that we ultimately need more Board members.

Virtual Field Trip Program: Fred said that there has been great progress and quality on the videotaping and editing of the segments, called The Daley Ranch Connections. The Teacher guide to the videos is still to come. We are still well within our budget based on the three grants we received. We may have leftover funds, and we may need to inquire about holding these for future actual field trips. Fred noted a few capital expenses related to the trips that we might pursue.

Restoration: Dick said that the wagon restoration project is just about finished, including signage, with four total signs. The hay rake may be next. Dick met some equestrians who gave him a lead on a new expert who might help with the barn. Dick is considering that we employ him to take a preliminary look at the barn and his drawings. Dick also tried to use “Home Advisor” to find an architect. Chris, from Nalu Architects, may be interested, and Dick is sending the drawings to them via email. Dick will keep us apprised of the progress. The idea of fundraising was discussed to help with the barn restoration.

New Accounting Firm and MFCU Account: Rick and Jerry have arranged to employ E. G. Sanchez & Associates based in Murrieta, formerly Scott Peck of Escondido. Rick made a two-part motion: First, to hire Sanchez & Associates as the FODR accounting firm, and second, to remove Colleen MacKinnon and Denise Harter from the MFCU account and to add Jerry Harmon and Rick Mercurio to that MFCU account. Brocade seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Rick will be the liaison between the firm and the Board. Rick will provide specific contract deals to the Board.

Brian Mendez, CPA
 CFE Senior Manager / E.G. Sanchez & Associates, CPAs, APC
38975 Sky Canyon Drive Suite 106 Murrieta, CA 92563
P: 951-303-1105    F: 951-303-6551
E:    W:

Website: Rick mentioned that old news dominates our “news” section of the website. He said we ought to keep it better updated. Brocade volunteered to help with this, along with social media. Jerry and Brocade will connect with Colleen and Don Piller to help pass over administrator access and protocol.

Donations and Membership: Rick reminded the Board of Bill Sherrard’s generous $50K donation in December. We will honor him in our newsletter and will look for other ways to do so. Rick also noted a successful fundraising drive after our end-of-year letter. Rick will investigate the level of membership rewards system. The Board discussed the need for a membership drive, and Brocade reminded us of how many users are potential new members. Fred mentioned that we could possibly have signs or newsletters at the Ranch. Dick thought the equipment display would be a good place to have a membership appeal. Dick said he would volunteer to collect the money from the iron rangers.

January newsletter: Rick listed a few items to include. He will compose a brief item acknowledging Sherrard’s donation, along with other recent large donors; Colleen drafted a resignation/good bye for herself and Denise; Rick will compose a brief item on our new president and officers; Rick wrote a virtual field trip update which includes Fred’s photos; and photo contest winners and photos can serve as filler for remaining space in this and in future newsletters.

Looking to the Future:


The February Board meeting date and time and method are yet to be determined.

Respectfully submitted,
Rick Mercurio