Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting Minutes

12 April 2007

Present: Fred Woods, Jerry Harmon, Rick Paul, Irene O'Neill, Tracey Brown, Carol Stanford, Sally Thomas

Fred opened the dinner meeting at Tracey Brown's home at 6:00 p.m. The March minutes were approved as emailed. Irene reported a balance of $6860.86. A check for $50, $40 cash from the iron ranger and some additional funds to be received will be deposited. The 06/07 CRN dues check did clear as did the P.O. Box rental check. Irene will send $125 check for Street Faire booth as approved in March.

Committee Reports:

·         Land Acquisition: Rick Paul reported that Kit Wilson has suggested prices for the parcel to connect across North Broadway. The committee will explore alternative offers that may be more appropriate to the quality of the land. The owner's desire to keep lots by the parking lot would create a pinch point that would impair wildlife movement. Questions were also raised as to liability, management and taxes should FODR acquire the land instead of City or County. Jerry said TECC pays no taxes on the properties it owns, but does carry liability insurance as well as E and O insurance for board members.

o       ACTIONS: Sally will send Rick a copy of the last CRN meeting report detailing funding sources. Rick Paul will talk again to Mr. Wilson and check with TECC regarding liability and management.

·         Education: There is a question whether Rincon will make its 3 day field trip. Bus transportation funds and other resources seem to be unavailable this year.

o       ACTIONS: Fred will contact Bear Valley and Hidden Valley Middle Schools and District grant writer. Sal will send Fred SDTT contact information regarding a proposal that was suggested a few years ago to use grants to fund bus and events at DR and other preserves around the County.

·         Conservation: No meeting.

Other Business:

·         Rancho Guejito: Owner has asked City to study feasibility of development, but the item has not yet come up on the Council agenda. Endangered Habitats League sent its letter with around 30 sign ons to city, county, state and federal elected officials as well as press. Next phone conference is May 8 at 3:30 p.m.

o       ACTION: Jerry will ask staff about agenda at next CEO meeting. ??? will participate in phone conference call.

·         City Management Committee: Tracey has not been informed of any recent meetings or planned meetings.

o       ACTION: Tracey will call city staff to check status of Ranch House preservation project.

·         FODR "Branding" - We need logo, letterhead, and more presentable materials and possibly funding to acquire professional services.

o       ACTIONS: Tracey will ask CSUSM Computer Science Department about designing a new website. Carol will create some logo design alternatives for June meeting.

·         Street faire: Sunday 20 May. TECC will share the booth with us.

o       ACTIONS: Irene will send $125 check to pay for booth.  Carol will make and print trifold for membership, including a map for how to get to the Ranch. Sal will make and copy petitions supporting conservation of Rancho Guejito and bring the usual gear. Fred will bring pictures. SCHECULE: Fred and Sal set up at 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Carol 9 to 1 Rick Paul 1 to 4. Tracey, Jerry, and Rick Mercurio will sign up for times. 

·         Board Meeting Schedule:  Rick Paul requested a change of day for our meetings.

ACTION: Rick Paul will conduct an email discussion/poll to determine the best day of the month for everyone to meet.


Next meeting: Unless the day gets changed before then: Thursday May 10th 7:00 p.m. at the Train Station.


Respectfully submitted for Rick Mercurio

Sally Thomas, Board Member