Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes

April 20, 2016


Present: Fred Woods, Rick Paul, Dick Althouse, Jim Schafer, Jerry Harmon, Rick Mercurio, and webmaster Don Piller


Minutes and Treasurerís Report: Fred opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at Dickís home. The minutes from the March meeting were approved by acclamation. Rick P emailed his treasurerís report to the Board. Fred noted that FODRís sponsorship of the Science Conference required a check to that conference for $5000 along with a deposit for the same amount from SDG&E. We were pleased to learn that the conference was a success. Thank you Su Scott.


Building Project & County Grant: Fred noted the abundant paperwork required to file final accounting for the grant money spent on the building project. Fred obtained an extension until May 16, and he will meet with Dick to work out the details. Thanks to Fred for dealing with so much red tape.

Meanwhile, Dick keeps pressing forward on the finishing touches for Building 3. He plans a work party this coming Saturday, and several volunteers have stepped forward. The Board expressed its appreciation to Dick for his hard work.


Akin Legacy Gift to FODR: Lawyers for the Akin Trust sent FODR a packet of information regarding our status as one of several charity beneficiaries in the trust. Rick P will complete the requested W9 form, and he agreed to contact the Akin daughter to express our appreciation and to see if Perla Akin had left any specific mention of her affection for Daley Ranch. The Board certainly expects to formally extend our sincere gratitude to the Akin family at the appropriate time. Fred also suggested that this will be a golden opportunity to approach our membership about legacy gifts to FODR, through our website, social media, and newsletter.


Newsletter/Website/Email Issues: Don Piller shared several thoughts and suggestions with the Board. He had issues with the most recent Mail Chimp emailed newsletter, due to incompatible types of documents, and he hopes to resolve this by meeting with Bruce Swanson. He suggested streamlining FODRís database and email list, and switching from our Yahoo account to a new server, which would cost $50 per year. Don met with Dave Woods, who volunteered his time, to discuss maintenance issues with the website. Don also urged Board members to keep the website fresh with regular postings of hikes, photos, news and any other relevant material. Finally, it was agreed that Board members need a tutorial on using Dropbox, and Don agreed to do this at the next meeting. The Board was grateful to Don for his excellent suggestions and all his efforts.


Interpretive Displays: Rick M recently spoke with Dan Hippert about these items. Dan told Rick M that he had spoken with Joyce Masterson from the City, and that she indicated that FODR ought to move forward with exploring movable display cases. Much preliminary planning will be needed as we work with the rangers and the City and the volunteers. Rick P suggested that we solicit potential leaders to spearhead this effort, drawing from current docents and volunteers. Rick P reminded the Board that the DR Volunteer Association had raised nearly $10,000 for this specific project, so one or more of these enthusiasts might well take ownership and with their expertise, move forward on this project. Rick M will contact Volunteer Coordinator Kathy Boyd to see if she can reach out to those folks.


Shuttle: Dan also told Rick M that he was pursuing the Second Sunday shuttle plan put forward by Su Scott. The Board is pleased with this news.


School Visits: Fred said that only two more visits are left, on April 26 and May 4, and all Board members are welcome to join the 7th grade field trips. The trips have continued to go very well, and we have had perfect weather each day. Our email inbox is currently loaded with messages from students who are thanking FODR for sponsoring the trips.


Next Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on May 18 at the home of Jerry in Escondido.


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, secretary