Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2019


Called to order 7:00 pm.

Members present: Dick Althouse, Fred Woods Jerry Harmon, Rick Paul, Colleen Mackinnon. Liz Ridder joined the meeting at 7:07 pm.

Guests: Denise Harter; Jay Petrek, Assistant City Manager, Escondido; Niel Lynch

Treasurer’s report:

$222.44 reimbursement approved for spring newsletter costs to Rick M. $385.87 reimbursement approved for the cost of food incurred (so far) for 2019 7th Grade Program.

KTUA Agreement update:

Colleen summarized the rationale behind choosing KTUA for the Youth Camping/Interpretive Center (aka “white house”) project discussed previously on group email exchange.  Her request to engage KTUA for $9600 was approved. The TECC grant money for this project needs to be spent by June 30, 2019. Handout: “Project Approach and Fees” page of KTUA proposal. All board members previously received copies of proposals submitted by both Hubbell & Hubbell and KTUA.

Colleen also summarized the planning meeting with the TECC Fellows at the ranch house on April 13 (also attended by Ann, Denise, and KTUA principal, Mark Carpenter). Their suggestions are incorporated into the project information binder Colleen prepared.  Colleen will also be starting a project blog and the Fellows’ ideas will be uploaded to it.

Dick discussed some plans he’d been tinkering with to rebuild the white house on the same footprint. Colleen pointed out that the ranch house is an existing enclosed space that might be able to be used for some of the programs this project envisions, in which case the white house could become something else, like an indoor/outdoor space. Having people sleeping inside a building would require an amendment to the Master Plan.


2019 school program update: Fred.

Handout: “2019 7th Grade Program Summary.” Incorporated herein by reference. Unused funds will be rolled over to next year. The FODR surveys are approved. Need input from the people running the program on curriculum development. For upcoming grants, like the one from the San Diego Foundation, we need letters from the people who will benefit, such as teachers, kids, Raptor Institute, bus drivers, etc.

Issues with links from to

Colleen will check the internet archives for the missing content from these pages. She will also see if she can find out who owns the website, which is running ads on their site which includes information about Daley Ranch, some of which is inaccurate. Discussion about copyrighting the Daley Ranch name to have more control over how it is used. Colleen felt that is a matter for the City to pursue.

Daley Ranch Mitigation credits: Jay Petrek.

Handouts: “Financing and Permissible Use” sections from the Daley Ranch Master Plan; “Daley Ranch Habitat Credit Sale Information.”

Brief history of the mitigation bank. $500 per credit sold goes into an endowment fund for long-term management and maintenance including credits used by the City for City projects, currently $340,000.  Only the endowment earnings can be spent, and there is an $80,000 annual cap on how much can be spent altogether.

In 2018 the City Council established new and dramatically higher prices, which are publicly posted. Other banks keep their credit price information private. They also track the environmental notices and identify the mitigation requirements and reach out to the developers directly. This puts the Daley Ranch bank at a disadvantage. The City hasn’t been aggressively marketing the bank. At the rate the Daley Ranch credits are currently being sold, they will last 170 years.

Jay wants to propose to the City Council that they rethink how the credits are marketed, sold, and where the money from those credits goes. He’s compiling a staff report which he will show to FODR and TECC before presenting it to include ideas like discounts and large block sales. He would like letters of support for the proposal to take to the Council.  Colleen suggested that someone on the City staff follow the lawsuit by Sierra Club that seeks to require mitigation for projects within San Diego County to be fulfilled by buying mitigation credits from banks within the County.

Discussed additional credits that could be available as a result of the Stanley Peak acquisition. Discussed potential acquisition of the 5 acre Van Elderen property adjacent to the dirt parking lot on La Honda.  This could be used for an expanded parking lot, interpretive center, café, and/or to reconfigure everything so the parking areas are behind the entrance gate, maybe include a turnaround area big enough to be serviced by public transit buses. Colleen gave Jay a binder she’d prepared on FODR’s “dream list” of future interpretive and capital improvement projects.

Jay Petrek left the meeting.

All Things Old and Made of Wood (barn): Dick.

FODR has given John, the enginerr, $375 out of the $1,000 allocated. Went over what has been received so far in the way of services, and what else FODR wants/expects to receive. Issues include stability of the structure, especially if people will be allowed to go inside; type and weight of roof; resistance to extreme weather (wind). Dick met with Chris and other rangers today at 1:00 to discuss how to prioritize and move forward with trail repairs. Dick could run the bobcat. Suggested moving windmill closer to the ranch house. FODR will wait till September/October to proceed with John’s work  after he’s recovered from planned surgery.

Denise Harter left the meeting.

Fawcett Grant/Denise Harter’s MOU: Colleen.

FODR will be receiving this grant of $50,000 from the Fawcetts for the services of Denise Harter for one year. The MOU for this was approved and Denise’s work began March 26.

Respectfully submitted,

Denise Harter