Friends of Daley Ranch Executive Board Meeting

August 11, 2005 Minutes

Meeting held at home of Sally Thomas. Present: Fred Woods, Jerry Harmon, Carol Stanford, Irene O’Neill, Sally Thomas

The treasurer reported a balance of $14,324.27 with outstanding debts to DRVA for $1.10 and to the State of California for $20.00. Payment was approved unanimously.

Old Business

Stanley Peak – Sally reported that the Stanley Peak purchase is stalled and that the seller has issues with the City’s price offering. Mike Kelly of CRN suggested that FODR should get more information on the details of the seller’s issues by contacting City. No action was agreed at this time.

DR Volunteers Association – The way funds are being collected from the DR iron rangers and the ranger’s desk, it is difficult to tell whether the funds being collected for the plant guides are adequate for reprinting when the time comes. It has been noted that the guides are not being dropped as trash along the trails. Irene agreed to make an estimate of income for the year. The Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction were a success. Carol brought the painting that FODR agreed to purchase for the Ranch House. Sal will store it temporarily, until Jerry takes it. Over 200 entries have been made for the fund raiser Photo Contest. More entries are expected as the entry deadline draws near. The awards ceremony will be on Grape Day at the Library from 2-4.

Ranch House Restoration – Jerry and Fred will visit with as many Council members as possible to learn the status of the City’s planned restoration. It is known that after the public hearing, City staff contacted private parties and the Chamber of Commerce to solicit further input on the development plan. The details of the plan revision are not known.

FODR “Vision Quest” – The “TECC-style” self-evaluation meeting date was changed from September 17th to October 29th. Among the topics to be considered: hire an executive director, alliance with Hellhole Canyon and TECC, 5-year work program, financial assistance from SDF, biological research programs to continually monitor Daly Ranch habitats via CSUSM, Native American involvement, continued emphasis on property acquisition, monitoring edge effects, expansion of Board to include accountant and attorney, ranch house restoration and conversion to an interpretive center.

Calendar: Next meeting September 8 at the Grape Day Park Train Station; Grape Day parade and booth September 10, Self-Evaluation half-day meeting October 29


Sally Thomas, for Rick Mercurio, Secretary