Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes

August 10, 2006

Present: Sally Thomas, Carol Stanford, Jerry Harmon, Rick Paul, Irene O'Neill, Fred Woods

Minutes: Approved as read.

Treasurer's Report: $15986.63 No new bills or funds received since the last meeting.

Grape Day Sept 9: Rick Mercurio will submit the parade entry form and be at the booth after the parade. Carol and Irene and possibly Fred will walk parade. Fred will coordinate gathering equipment, materials and schedule. Carol, Jerry and Fred will set up and take down. Carol will be there most of the day; Irene is available. Tracy hasn't responded yet. Jerry will be "back and forth" between ECEC, TECC and FODR. Rick Paul and Sally will not be available this year.

Newsletter: Carol and Irene will help Sally get it mailed by August 25.

Stanley Peak Inaugural Hike: Sally will attend the City Manager's planning meeting next week and Rick Paul will represent the board at the event. A special event will be planned later for members and public participation, probably in November.

Tony mentioned that there may be some scout projects proposed for Stanley Peak. The Board discussed possible involvement.

FODR investment of funds: Jerry moved and Carol seconded the motion to invest $10000 with Waddell and Reed. After discussion Jerry called for the vote. Motion passed 5-0 with Rick Paul abstaining. Sally and Irene will deliver the check and authorizing resolution to Rick Paul next week.

"BigVision" Sally reported on the August 2 meeting with FHHC, TECC, and CRN. The SANDAG Envionmental Mitigation Program Opportunity Areas Table and Map were reviewed. Possible FODR actions were discussed. FODR will continue to meet with the group.

Strategic planning issues (endowment for Ranch House and FODR mission, monitor and management, volunteer projects, encroachments from neighbors, Executive Director, and other topics) were briefly discussed. Board agreed to plan another Saturday meeting probably for January or February to continue the strategic planning process.



Sept 9 Grape Day

September 14 Meeting 7:00 p.m. at Train Station

October 12 Dinner Meeting 6:00 p.m. at Irene's

Respectfully submitted,

Sally Thomas for

Rick Mercurio, Secretary