Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting Minutes

Sept. 20,2007

Present: Fred Woods, Rick Paul, Sally Thomas, Irene O’Neill, Tracey Brown, Carol Stanford, Rick Mercurio, and Mike Whalen

Fred opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at the Train Depot in Grape Day Park, Escondido.

Irene gave the treasurer’s report: we have $7076 in checking, $12,534 in our investment account, and $68 on hand in checks and cash. She also said that she received notice from the IRS that we will have to file tax statements electronically from now on.

Irene moved to name Mike Whalen as a permanent board member of FODR. Rick M. seconded and the motion passed unanimously. We welcome Mike, and are happy to have his energy and abilities on our board!

Irene reported from the Education Committee that she has been working with OASIS, a senior citizen organization. Irene will lead a hike for this group on Oct. 28 and will encourage participants to join FODR. Carol will supply trifolds for this purpose. OASIS included this event in their newsletter.

Fred reported that Bear Valley and Hidden Valley Middle Schools will hopefully participate in a group visit to Daley Ranch this year, though he needs contacts at those schools. Apparently Rincon Middle will not join the fun this year.

Tracey told us that the porch of the ranch house had to be removed to gain better access to the foundation. Water damage was greater than first thought. She said that public input would be sought by the City before a final decision on the house’s usage. Tracey will represent FODR at City meetings.

Under new business the board discussed the possibility of taking on two new projects. The first would be helping to facilitate the restoration or renovation of the various old outbuildings just north of the ranch house. Mike agreed to contact Jay Petrek to see what our first steps should be. Rick M. will contact Wendy Barker to gauge the contributions and possible expertise of the History Center in visioning this. The second project would be the creation of a native plant exhibition garden near the ranch house. Mike will see what Jay thinks about this too, from the City’s perspective. FODR could draw on resources such as the Native Plant Club, the ECEC, Greg Rubin, and others.

It was decided to not set up a booth at the Escondido Street Faire on October 21.

We discussed various contributions to the next FODR newsletter which Sally said would be mailed in mid October. The next meeting will be at the home of Rick M. on October 18 at 6:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, Secretary