Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting Minutes

August 21, 2008 Minutes


Meeting at home of Jerry Harmon  (Thank you for the hospitality, Jerry!)


Members present: Jerry Harmon, Rick Paul, Sally Thomas, Carol Stanford, Mike Whalen, Fred Woods


Minutes of July:  approved as emailed

Treasurer's Report: Irene is very ill and has not been able to provide a current report. Our thoughts and prayers are with her through this difficult time. Several people did not receive the emails forwarded from Irene. ACTION: Sal will send again. Jerry moved and several seconded the motion to appoint Rick Paul Interim Treasurer. Motion passed unanimously. ACTION: Fred will give Rick P. a letter confirming this appointment, and Rick will make a copy of these minutes, to take to the bank for the signature changes. Fred and Rick P. will also arrange to obtain postal box keys. Rick P. will maintain the journal and balance information for our accounts. Rick will also get a credit card that will be used for such things as paying for web hosting, plant guide reprints, and other items as approved by the Board. Board approved payment of web hosting from Omnis for another year to be paid by the new credit card. ACTION: Sally will get the invoice for Rick to pay by the credit card. Administrative passwords will then be given to Don Pillar for upgrading the website.


Old Business

Out buildings:  Fred and Mike reported that the issue of liability will be adequately resolved by having volunteers in work parties sign the City's volunteer waiver form.

Deer Park Breakfasts: Jerry reported on Phap Dung's letter confirming the Monastery's willingness to sponsor a "Day of Joy" around Earth Day in 2009. They are considering an activity such as collecting trash around Lake Dixon. ACTION: Jerry will confirm to Phap Dung that FODR is eager to participate in planning and participating. Other issues discussed at the breakfast included edge-effects and fragmentation caused by illegal access, and a residential development application being processed by for the Jorgenson property on the west side of Daley and bordering Deer Park. The mutual concern for conservation of native landscape was affirmed and ways to cooperate in projects and processes will be further explored, via Jerry's liaison with Dennis Howard from the Monastery.

Newsletter: Newsletter and trifold should be available for the table at Grape Day Festival. ACTION: Carol will prepare and bring the trifold.

          ACTION: text will be sent to Sally by Fred (projects underway, call for more volunteers and board members), Carol (green in Escondido), Georgie (micorhizi will save the world), and a picture by Mike.

          ACTION: Sally will work with Carol to make the layout, print the product enough for mail and for the table at Grape Day. Sal will mail it by Aug 31 and bring the remainder to table at Grape Day.

Grape Day Festival: Parade: Rick M. Mike, Carol; Set up and take down: Sally, Fred, Jerry; all day somewhat available: Jerry, Rick P, Carol; a.m. Mike, Carol, Fred; p.m. Jerry, Sal, Tracey


New Business

CRN Georgie will attend the Sept 2 meeting in place of Sally who will have jury duty that day.

CEQA: Workshop Sept 11th at Encinitas Community Center cost $75. Moved seconded and approved to reimburse Georgie for cost of reservation and attendance. Sal will forward information to her.

ECWA: Jerry suggested that FODR ask to become a signatory to the memorandum of understanding for the Escondido Creek Watershed Alliance. The cities of Escondido, Solana Beach, and Encinitas, TECC, OMWD, SELC all are signatories to the agreement. ACTION: Sally will forward copy of the agreement to board members and matter will be discussed further at September Board meeting.

New board members needed:  Georgie Birch was offered a board membership. She will report her decision by September meeting. Rick P reported that the City's new utilities manager plans to attend our September meeting at the Train Station.  A good deal of interest has been expressed for the land management issues concerning open space protection throughout the City. Fred reiterated the need for more boots on the ground as well as legal and financial skills on the board.


Next Train Station Meeting:  September 18th, 7:00 p.m.

Next Dinner Meeting: Mike Whalen's home, October 16th, 6:00


Respectfully submitted for Secretary, Rick Mercurio

by Sally Thomas