Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting Minutes

August 16, 2012

Present: Fred Woods, Mike Whalen, Rick Paul, Dick Althouse, Jerry Harmon, Rick Mercurio, and guest Jim Schafer.
Fred opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at Felipeís Pizza Parlor, then after dinner the meeting location was moved to the Escondido Creek Conservancy office on Broadway. We welcome Jim to our meeting and invite him back any time. The minutes from the June meeting were approved as written. Rick P gave his treasurerís report: Mike collected $46.55 from the iron ranger, and $450 was received in checks. Of the latter, $300 was designated for the Sally Thomas memorial fund, with $250 donated by George Sardina. Rick M will write an individual thank you letter to George. The total amount now in the Sally fund is $680. Mike moved to reimburse Fred $33.16 for digitalizing photos for the grant applications. Jerry seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Dick reported on the utility building project. He said he is nearly finished with the drawings for the foremanís quarters, and he will deliver them to the city within the next two weeks. Mike met with Wendy Barker about the effect on historical significance if the buildings are moved slightly farther from the creek. She said that they would lose some of their historic value, but not a great deal.

Rick M reported on the Stanley Peak panorama signs. He, Jerry and Fred attended the City Appearance Committee meeting earlier today, and approval was given for the project. The next step is to meet with Jack Pomeroy to finalize landmarks to identify, and then to meet with Pete of EZ Signs to order both of them. Mike and Rick M will work on this in the upcoming week.

Jerry is a member of the Escondido Creek Watershed Alliance. This group is an informal network of the county, cities and water authorities in the watershed. Jerry believes that FODR should become a member, and the Board agreed. Jerry will email dates of upcoming meetings to see which of us could attend on behalf of FODR. Jerry said that ECWA wants to use our plant guide as part of their outreach program to raise awareness of native plants in all areas of the watershed. They may want to expand on it. The Board agreed to give permission for this, and we hope to locate Janene Colby who should also be included in the authorization.

Rick P said that El Caballo Park is moving along. He would like FODR participation in their regular meetings. Rick M and Mike said they would be willing to attend this Mondayís meeting. Rick M moved to donate $100 to El Caballo Park. Mike seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

The Board expressed a desire to reach out to the Humane Society, a Daley Ranch neighbor, in order to make positive connections.

Fred said that FODR is awaiting news on both grant applications that we made to fund the seventh grade visits to Daley Ranch. We will soon hear about the Escondido Charitable Foundation grant, and Rick M will find out when we will hear from SDG&E about their environmental grant award. If and when we receive these grants FODR will have a great deal of planning and strategy to formulate.

The Board expressed its sorrow over the recent passing of long-time Board member Irene OíNeill. She will be sorely missed. Rick M will contact her daughter to get permission to email the notice of her memorial service to FODR members. The Board would like to honor her in some way, and will continue to consider ideas.

FODR will sponsor a booth for Grape Day on Sept. 8. Rick M will submit an application for FODR to participate in the parade. Mike will be able to help set up the table display.

The next meeting will be at Rick Paulís house at 2126 E. El Norte, Escondido, at 6 pm on Sept. 20.

Respectfully submitted,
Rick Mercurio