Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting

August 21, 2013

Present: Board members Fred Woods, Mike Whalen, Dick Althouse, Jerry Harmon, and Rick Mercurio; guest Tony Smock
Minutes and Treasurer’s Report: Fred opened the meeting at 7 pm at the train depot in Grape Day Park, Escondido. Mike moved to approve the minutes from the July meeting. Jerry seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Rick Paul will email his treasurer’s report, which will be filed. Mike collected some cash from the iron ranger, and it will be given to Rick P for deposit. Jerry moved to reimburse Rick M $319.81 for expenses he incurred related to April’s fundraising mailing and the current August newsletter. Mike seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
Ranger and Ranch House Report: Tony updated the Board on recent news from Daley Ranch. He said that the rangers have been working on trail drainage improvements and that this has successfully addressed many erosion issues. The ranch house restoration is complete, except for the flush toilets inside. The county still needs to issue a permit for the leach lines, which are to be located on the slope to the west. The artificial grass is in place, as is the ADA ramp. Plans are in place to irrigate the large grassy area to the north of the ranch house and south of the utility buildings. Tony said that currently the City does not have the funding for the separate restroom facility, which is to be built on the east side of the road. A kiosk/information board may be located on the side of the restroom building. A new fee schedule has been proposed for use of the ranch house. The City Council held an official meeting at the ranch house last week in order to view the renovation. Rick P attended that meeting and reported that the Council supports FODR’s efforts to restore/renovate the utility buildings.
Utility Building Project: Dick has been very busy! He suggested that Rick M write an official letter of thanks to Vicki from EDCO for that company’s generous donation of 6 dumpster loads. The foreman’s quarters have now been completely dismantled, and according to Dick virtually none of the fixtures or other materials will be able to be re-used. Therefore he will be seeking a revision page to the plans approved by the City in order to construct a new structure based on the original. Cupboards and windows and siding have all been saved as models for the re-building. Dick has already drilled 5 holes for anchor bolts in the foundation, and he needs about another dozen. This weekend he hopes to finish the drilling; then he will seek a City inspection. Dick has spent nearly $300 of his own funds for this project, and he has designated a total of $500.  The Board is extremely grateful to Dick for his generous donation of both time and money.
Memorial Benches: Jerry would like to install the Sally and Irene benches in October when the weather has cooled. After installation we hope to schedule a memorial event to invite the families. We hope that Jim Schafer will assist with this. The rock wall “horseshoe” will follow later.
Newsletter, Website, Facebook: Fred praised the current newsletter. Rick M said that the newsletter should indicate that donations may be made on our website with a credit card. Fred added that the website’s news stories have moved our site to the top of the Daley related websites. Dave Woods has worked to eliminate the “bots” false emails we are receiving. Mike mentioned that the number of Facebook hits was very high. We are now getting items from the tracking team and other groups, just as we had hoped.
Escondido Creek Watershed Alliance: Jerry and Tony are both members of ECWA. Tony said that his subcommittee on recreation has expressed a desire to build kiosks around the watershed with educational materials. Jerry said that one of those items might be our native plant guide. The Board is willing and able to provide them the printing template when they are ready to print them. Tony hopes to take samples of the guide to the committee meeting tomorrow.
Grape Day: FODR will have a booth at Grape Day on Sept. 7. Mike has most materials we need, and he will bring them that morning for set up. Fred said he would try to enlarge photos of the natural environment to complement our existing large photos of the utility building project. Jerry agreed to bring a large map for display. Rick M has obtained our entry in the parade. The Board hopes all our members will be able to help that day. We also decided not to participate in the October street fair.
School Trips: Fred and Rick M have met with the superintendent of the elementary district, and she is very enthusiastic and helpful with pre-planning for this year’s field trips. Contact has also been made with Escondido Rotary, whose grants could be used for the following year. Tighe Jaffe of Supervisor Dave Roberts office has also expressed enthusiasm for our project, and we hope to meet with him. Despite all this good news, we still do not have full funding from outside sources.
Creek Permits: Jerry reported that Peter Benson has volunteered to help with the paperwork for the permits. Both Peter and Jim Lau are also willing to assist with the actual labor when the time arrives. Jim L is a registered engineer, so that could really help us. Dick is also actively working on the plans for the creek siding project.
Next Meeting: The next regular Board meeting was moved to September 25, which is the last Wednesday of the month, at 6 pm at the home of Dick.
Respectfully submitted,
Rick Mercurio, secretary