Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes

August 17, 2016



Present: Fred Woods, Rick Paul, Jerry Harmon, Jim Schafer, Colleen Mackinnon, Dick Althouse, Rick Mercurio, and guest Ann Van Leer.

     Fred opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at the train depot in Grape Day Park, Escondido.


Land Acquisition Efforts: Ann Van Leer from the Escondido Creek Conservancy (TECC) explained that two properties near Daley Ranch could preserve valuable habitat and value as wildlife corridors and are currently in escrow. Funds to secure the Mountain Gate property (693 acres) and the John Henry Ranch (290 acres) are needed in order to meet deadlines. The first goal is $300,000, and Ann sought ideas of groups and individuals who might contribute. The Board brainstormed potential entities for Ann, and expressed wholehearted support for acquiring the properties. Both of the parcels have had development proposals in the past, and these lands would help secure connectivity between DR and other protected lands to the west and east. Ann also said that the Transnet measure on the November ballot, if it passes with a two-thirds vote, would eventually provide $2 billion in funds for open space acquisition in the county. The Board thanked Ann and agreed to publicize TECC’s efforts in every way we could.


Minutes and Treasurer’s Report: Colleen summarized the minutes from the July meeting. After a couple suggestions, Rick P moved to approve the corrected minutes. Jim seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Rick P delivered a printed treasurer’s report, which he will also email. He said there were no real changes since July.


Akin Family Trust: Fred reported that the Akin Family Trust mailed two checks to FODR for a substantial contribution. FODR had been named as a beneficiary and this represented the principal distribution, with a subsequent check to be sent at a later time. Rick M will send an official thank you to Nina Akin, and Rick P will contact her to invite her to a Board meeting for her thoughts about how she might want the gift to be used. The Board did some initial brainstorming of ideas, but postponed any decision on how the funds would be used. Rick P presented some thoughts on safe financial instruments we may choose for the money.

     Colleen moved to adopt the following Corporate Resolution:


Corporate Resolution

The Board of Directors for The Friends of Daley Ranch, at their monthly meeting held 08/17/2016, hereby authorize the following individuals to initiate a new brokerage account with Etrade and further resolve to authorize the following members to be signatories on this/these account (s), and further resolve to require one of their signatures to effect any withdrawal transaction: Rick Mercurio, secretary, and Rick Paul, treasurer.


The motion was seconded by Jerry Harmon and the motion passed unanimously.


Sunday Shuttle and DR History: Dan Hippert has met with a shuttle service to work out an arrangement for Second Sunday service. Ranger Kathy Boyd said the City is looking for potential volunteers to serve as the driver.

     Dan has also raised the possibility of a meeting with a Daley family grand daughter to learn more about DR history. Rick M will follow up on this.


Interpretive Displays: Rick P attended a meeting on the display project on August 13, along with Ranger Kathy, and volunteers Iris and Lee. They discussed storage space, which will hopefully be in the downstairs bedroom of the ranch house. Each person also will try to find examples of display cases. Kathy raised the possibility of a custom case built by a carpenter acquaintance.


Newsletter: The next newsletter is set for October, with a Sept. 21 deadline. Ideas include an item from Ann Van Leer on the property acquisition, a “headline” article on the November 13 Annual Picnic written by Colleen, an appeal for a volunteer driver written by Rick M, and a Volunteer Spotlight on Diania, our Native American expert, written by Rick M.


Utility Buildings: Dick has received official City permission to proceed with installation of a split rail fence in front of Building 4. Dick has already purchased the split rails. He and Jim will work out a date for construction.


Entry Kiosk & Stanley Peak Signs: Jim investigated both of these. He said the kiosk is very sturdy, but suggests polycarbonate protection and possibly adding more hinged entry points with locks. He will also look into replacing the map and displays currently in place. Jim said both Stanley Peak signs have been vandalized, and he showed a photo of one of them with a large blacked out area. He is willing to replace the photo signs, and will contact Mike Whalen to see if he has the prototype photos. The Board approved all of these plans.


PA System: Colleen moved to purchase a portable PA system with long life rechargeable batteries for use at various FODR functions. Rick P seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Colleen will follow up with this soon, to take advantage of an affordable price at Costco.


School Trips: Fred continues to coordinate the program, securing bus arrangements for each of the 11 proposed trips. He is working with a new district transportation director, Donna Bryan. Diania has also okayed the dates for her program. Colleen will look into a possible live bird learning station from Ecovarim or another organization, in case the Sky Hunter Raptor group is unable to continue.


Upcoming Events: These include Second Sundays on Sept. 11 and October 9, Grape Day on October 1, and the Annual Picnic on November 13. Rick P will lead a hike to Bottle Peak, sponsored by TECC, on October 22 at 4 pm. Reservations are required. The next regular meeting will be on Sept. 21 at a place and time to be determined.


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, secretary