FODR Board Meeting Minutes

August 17, 2021


Zoom meeting participants: Jerry Harmon, Brocade Wu, Fred Woods, Dick Althouse, Rick Mercurio, and Marilyn Ramirez; Ron Franzese was unable to join us.

Jerry opened the Zoom meeting at 7 p.m.

1.      Action on new board member Marilyn Ramirez; Rick moved to accept Marilyn as a new board member. Fred seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Welcome, Marilyn!

2.      Minutes of the July meeting were approved by acclamation.

3.      Treasurer’s report; Rick emailed final July and August to-date line item accounting earlier today.

4.      7th grade program update –Fred said we need to establish a connection with the new EUSD teachers on special assignment for science. We don’t know yet about any possible revised bus capacity, class sizes and any other Covid restrictions that could impact our field trips in 2022. Rick suggests scheduling a meeting to discuss this with the new teachers in charge at the district. Tuesdays and Wednesdays work best for everyone for field trips. Fred will send emails to principals and office managers to establish connections and get the process started. Tomorrow will be a celebratory event at the Dixon Lake Ranger Station for distribution of the thumb drives from videographer Chris Ryan to all the rangers and other presenters.

5.      Barn restoration – Dick says he has obtained a permit to work on the barn. But the requirement now states that we would need to take all the siding off the barn to do the rehab, according to the structural engineer. Jerry and Dick will appeal some of the new siding requirements. Dick discussed next steps in the process. The pedestrian bridge will be tackled after the main barn project is completed.

6.      Social media and web site update – Brocade said our social media outreach is going very well. She said she is posting items and getting good responses. She has not worked on the website but said she will in the future with Don Piller.

7.      Newsletter –Rick says for the October newsletter we should headline the Nov. 13 event. We will also feature Marilyn. Jerry and Marilyn will submit an item on the Nov. 13 event inviting North County Connect representatives. We will also acknowledge the Harman donation.

8.      Annual picnic November 13–Jerry spoke of the Connect North County group that meets bi-monthly, and we agreed to invite these folks to join us. Brocade will put this out on FaceBook. Jerry wants to invite the new city manager as the keynote speaker, and to possibly have our Board meet him before the event. Jerry will take on this task. Fred said he thought we could possibly obtain a school bus that could shuttle folks to and from the event, and he will make inquiries. Jerry, Brocade and Marilyn will be a subcommittee to handle specifics and logistics for the event.

9.      Interpretive trail – Rick said that he has already met with a couple experts to gather ideas and information, and has scheduled future meetings. Marilyn and Brocade and Jerry made some good suggestions.

10.  Jerry advocated the establishment of several subcommittees. He asked Board members to consider working on the following:  

·       Outreach to neighbors

·       Estate Planning

·       Potential large donors

·       BLM land city acquisition

·       Council Springs property

11.  Jerry asked the Board about the idea of having joint meetings with other environmental organizations. He sees the benefits of establishing connections and networking with other like-minded people and groups for common goals. The first step could be to connect with Hellhole Canyon to fight against the proposed hotel resort on the east side of Daley Ranch.

12.  Meeting the new City Manager, Sean McGlynn- Jerry will look into scheduling this during October.

13.  Next meeting: September 28 at 7 p.m. Zoom meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, secretary