Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes

Dec. 14, 2006 Minutes

Present: Sally Thomas, Fred Woods, Jerry Harmon, Irene O’Neill, Carol Stanford, Rick Paul, and Rick Mercurio

Sally opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at the home of Fred Woods. November minutes were approved as written.

Irene gave her treasurer’s report: we have $5893 in checking, but after deposit we will have $6093. Irene said we are charged $5 per month for banking services, and that she needs the state non-profit number for FODR. The Waddell and Reed account may be examined on the web, according to Rick Paul. It was noted that FODR has already approved $140 for Sally to attend a SDF Fundraising Training session and $60 for the next workshop, which involves the “nuts and bolts of non-profit organizations.”

Daley Ranch Volunteer Association has no news and no recent meetings. We are grateful to the San Diego Tracking Team for their previous assistance with Stanley Peak. In January Carol will ask Barry Martin of the tracking team how FODR might help them. Fred will check on the Upper Escondido Creek Watershed Coalition’s goal of contacting the Von Seggren family about their property. Tracey is still “in the loop” for the Daley Ranch management committee; new rest rooms and a ramp for the disabled are among the priorities identified so far. Rick Paul has attempted to contact Dick Daniels, new council member, but the call has yet to be returned.

Jerry led off a lengthy discussion about FODR’s goal of strategic planning, which led to a healthy dialog of our current mission. Jerry has been in contact with the San Diego Foundation, and he is still “feeling them out” for the best way to work with them. He said that TECC was successful in obtaining funds and support for several reasons: they put together clear goals, they found an accountant and attorney for their board in order to offer legal and financial expertise, and with this professional approach they persuaded donors to give large donations to the group. Jerry believes that FODR must take similar steps, to reach out and bring in-house expertise to the organization.

Next steps were considered. Irene felt FODR should send its newsletter to all local elected officials including City Council, Brian Bilbray, Pam Slater, and others, whom Rick Mercurio agreed to look up. We want to invite Barbara Redlitz to our January meeting at the train depot to discuss the FODR’s mitigation status in relationship with MHCP, specifically “4D,” the limit of mitigation credits that can be sold prior to approval of the sub-area plan by the City.

We also scheduled an all day planning session on January 13 when the board will review its preliminary planning document, our “asset inventory,” and re-examine our goals and objectives. Sally asked board members to consider the importance of habitat conservation, possibly writing down our thoughts, as a way to prepare for this session.

Irene said she would try to contact newspapers to publicize our January 11 train depot meeting. Thanks to the Woods for a wonderful dinner!

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio