Friends Of Daley Ranch Meeting
Executive Board Minutes
February 05, 2005

Sally opened the meeting at 11 a.m. at the home of Rick Paul in Escondido.

Earlier the Board toured the ranch house with Linda Shipman and Tony Smock.

Attendance - Board Members: Sally Thomas, Jerry Harmon, Irene O’Neill, Carol Stanford, Rick Paul, Fred Woods, Tracey Brown, and Rick Mercurio

Irene gave a brief treasurer’s report, indicating a balance of $14,211.

We discussed the recent City Council meeting which included consideration of issues related to the ranch house and improvements, along with proposed intensification of uses around the house. After much debate the Board reached consensus on the following:

  1. FODR supports the preservation of the ranch house and its use as an interpretive center.

  2. FODR supports the ADA improvements to the ranch house.

  3. FODR opposes additions, improvements, and new construction that would result in the accommodation of more than 50 people at the ranch house.

  4. FODR supports taking steps to halt the further deterioration of the barn and other farm outbuildings.

We agreed to contact Councilman Ron Neuman to thank him for his strong support at the recent City Council meeting. We also look forward to meeting with City Staff to offer our input on the Council’s proposals for Daley Ranch.

We discussed establishing a media relations policy for FODR. Rick M. moved that individual Board members defer all requests for comments to the president, rather than offering comments to the press individually. Carol seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Jerry proposed creating a history of Daley Ranch in which decisions and documents relating to its creation are detailed. Jerry would like to ask Lucy Berk, a respected and qualified historian, to assist us in this effort. The Board agreed to pursue this idea.

The meeting’s focus was a self assessment, with a questionnaire provided by The San Diego Foundation. As the Board completed the questions, we compiled a list of items that we need to explore. These items included the following:

  1. The re-election of FODR Board members

  2. Which groups of community stakeholders should we reach out to?

  3. Orientation for new Board members.

  4. Expanding our mobilization of volunteers.

  5. Developing a comprehensive strategic plan.

  6. Fred agreed to monitor the availability of our plant guides at the ranch.

  7. Review of our financial statement.

  8. Recognition of our volunteers.

  9. Establishing a membership renewal letter.

  10. Paperwork for public relations.

  11. “Historical tours” sponsored by FODR, possibly on Sundays.

At the end of the meeting Board Member Rick Paul announced his resignation due to the location of his new job in Orange County. The Board thanked him for his dedication and service to FODR. We will miss him! Fred Woods agreed to take over the position of FODR’s representative to the Conservation Resources Network, and Carol would be the back up.

Our next meeting will be March 10 at 7 p.m. at the Train Depot.

Respectively Submitted;
Rick Mercurio, Secretary