Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting

Minutes of February 9, 2006

Present: Sally Thomas, Jerry Harmon, Carol Stanford, Fred Woods, Irene O'Neill, Tracy Ellis, Rick Paul, Rick Mercurio, and guests Geoff Smith
and Mike Doane.

Sally opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at her home in Escondido. The minutes from January were approved as amended by Tony Smock. Fred reported that the CRN needed $100 dues from each member organization, including FODR. Rick Mercurio moved to approve this expenditure, Carol seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. We want to tap into this resource to help us write a proposal for funding potential "management" of Daley Ranch habitat. Claire Billett is the new director of CRN and is willing to meet with FODR at Daley Ranch to learn more about our group. Fred will look into this future meeting.

Rick Paul and Sally met with Escondido City Manager Clay Phillips and Charlie Grimm. FODR looks forward to taking a seat on a "team" that may meet quarterly to examine issues facing Daley Ranch.

Rick Paul suggested that FODR's financial reports be regularly presented to Board members for their review. We will ask Irene to do this. Jerry requested that Rick Mercurio produce a report summarizing FODR's accomplishments and membership statistics for the City and for our own members. Rick agreed to do this.

Mike Doane explained his interest in purchasing one of two parcels adjoining Daley Ranch: the Stanley Peak property or the 80+ acres on the west side. He would want to build a home and another "gym" facility on the land for his own use. The rest of the property would remain open space, and the entire property would be deeded to the City when he passes. The Board was interested in his proposal, and hopes that
progress can be made. Mike said that he is only interested if all parties are in agreement; he does not seek a battle but rather appreciates the open space of Daley Ranch and seeks a "win-win" arrangement.

The Board settled on May 6 for a general meeting. We want to use the East Valley Community Center. We contacted Rick Halsey who agreed to present his "fire and habitat" information. We also seek a shorter talk by Karen Larson from the San Diego Tracking Team. We will furnish light refreshments and make a presentation to encourage membership in FODR. Besides inviting our own members and including a notice in the newspaper for the general public, we also plan to invite all the property owners who border Daley Ranch.

Geoff hoped that FODR would be willing to share a booth at the May Escondido Street Fair with the Escondido Creek Conservancy. Rick Mercurio moved to approve the $115 fee for a space. Tracy seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Fred also suggested that FODR pay for lunch for the docents and naturalists who assist in the Rincon Middle School outing to Daley Ranch. Rick Mercurio moved to approve this, and Tracy seconded. It passed unanimously.

The next meeting will be March 9 at the Train Depot in Grape Day Park.

 Respectfully submitted,
 Rick Mercurio, Secretary