Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2007

Present: Sally Thomas, Jerry Harmon, Carol Stanford, Fred Woods, Irene O’Neill, Rick Paul and Rick Mercurio; guest Michael Whalen

     Sally opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at her home. The minutes from January were approved as written. Irene gave the treasurer’s report: we have $10,368 in the Waddell account and $6,893 in the bank. Fred collects from the iron ranger, but is unable to open the one at the ranch house. He and Tony Smock will work on this, and hopefully relocate that iron ranger to a better location. Rick M. moved to approve newsletter expenses to be reimbursed to Sally. Irene seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Carol moved, and Rick P. seconded, to purchase more plant guides. The motion passed unanimously.

     Irene announced the results of the nominating committee, which also included Jerry and Rick M. Our new president will be Fred, and our new vice-president will be Rick P. All other positions were to remain as before. These nominations were enthusiastically approved by the Board, which also thanked Sally for the outstanding work and dedication she has demonstrated during her tenure as president. We are all extremely grateful, and welcome her continued participation as a member of the Board.

     Several administrative issues were discussed. Sally agreed to continue doing the newsletter; we will consider a “new and improved” format in the future, akin to the TECC or ECEC newsletters. Fred will continue to handle plant guides. Rick P. will continue to serve as City Council liaison and lobbyist. Sally will still serve as FODR’s representative to CRN. At CRN’s General Meeting for Strategic Planning, Sally had ten votes to establish priorities for this coming year. Jerry will serve as our rep to CEO. Don will continue to handle our website. Fred will work on coordinating a Daley Ranch visit from students, including a new group from Hidden Valley Middle School. Rick M. moved to pay for associated expenses for this event, including lunch for volunteers. Rick P. seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Carol will investigate a “trifold” informational pamphlet for FODR to be used at various outreach occasions and also to be placed at the La Honda entrance kiosk. This would include a membership application. Fred suggested standardized letterhead and printing format for all FODR documents. The Board agreed this would be a good idea, and Fred will pursue this. Rick M. reported on his conversation with Bob McQuead, the architect in charge of the ranch house restoration. McQuead is sympathetic to the concerns expressed by the Board at our January “retreat.”

     We discussed the notion of a general membership meeting, and several ideas were put forward. We noted that few new faces have shown up in the past, yet the publicity and good will generated may still make such events worthwhile. Irene noted that FODR gets more participation from parents when students visit from middle schools than at our official spring event. Possibly FODR could participate in an ECEC-sponsored Earth Day celebration at Kit Carson Park on April 21. We postponed a decision on hosting our own event until a future Board meeting.

     Our next meeting is March 8 at the Train Depot. Before that time the three new committees, Education, Conservation, and Land Acquisition, are to meet. Michael Whalen joined the Land Acquisition Committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, Secretary