Minutes of Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting

February 16, 2012

Escondido Train Depot

Members present : Fred Woods, Rick Paul , Mike Whalen , Dick Althouse There were not enough members present to form a quorum as Jerry, Sally, Rick M., Irene , and Carol were absent.  Also in attendance were Don Piller, FODR webmaster and Brian Swanson, concerned FODR member.

Minutes of the January Meeting were not presented for approval.

Treasurer’s Report : Recent donations and membership renewals accounted for the sum of $243.75. Rick Paul asked for approval to write Fred Woods a check in the amount of $17.26 to cover the cost for a new sign to be affixed to the Plant Guide box at the Ranch. Members present voted to approve such expenditure.

Introductions : Brian Swanson was introduced and has asked to present some thoughts to the Board concerning operations at the Ranch.

Tony Smock’s Report : Tony was not present , as his wife was ill , but Fred reported that according to Tony , the City Council HAS NOT seen the proposal for the planned interpretive center at the Ranch , so there are no renderings of the plans available to view. Tony feels that the city would prefer that the historic buildings slated for restoration should be moved forward , away from the creek that runs behind the buildings , rather than moved to a different location. This will make the project easier to accomplish and we can proceed without a great deal of delay.

Old Business:

1. Don Piller presented a PowerPoint presentation dealing with the FODR website as it now stands. A side note : Don feels that he can easily correct Rick M.’s spelling of the word Really in the future as well as other corrections that may become necessary. ( sorry  Rick…… just had to get that barb in there ). In order to keep the web page easy to navigate upon  , Don explained some thoughts and ideas far too complicated for this simple minded individual to comprehend ( Dick Althouse ) , as I am a moron on the computer. Don also explained that there are SO Many options available to add to our web site in the way of upgrades , but we should go slow in our selection to take advantage of the KISS Principle  …. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. It was decided to form a sub-committee at the next Board Meeting to talk about some possible upgrades.

 2.Sign Update Mike Whalen was given the task of affixing the new sign to the lid of the Plant Guide Box that will expain to the general public that it would be appropriate to enclose a $2.00 “donation” to help defer the cost of the printed plant guide pamphlets. Mike will affix the sign at his earliest convenience. On another note , Rick Mercurio has many photos in his possession dealing with the Panorama Signs that we hope to put up at various locations on the trails.

3.  School Groups  Sue is still in need of volunteers for the planned school trips to the Ranch this spring.

4. Reports on Board growth no news to report

New Business:

Future Grants  Rick Paul presented some details about some grants out there and how we should proceed to go after them, Further study is necessary to proceed.

Member Reports and Business Brian Swanson , who works for SDG&E as a Land Manager with a large land area territory in San Diego County, expressed some grave concerns dealing with the management of Daley Ranch and the City’s responsibilities therein. Brian sited some examples of brush cutting along some of the public trails, the brush “clearing” along the entry road leading into the Ranch, and the poor performance of work done by city employees and the lack of respect for nature in the maintenance effort throughout the wilderness area. We must somehow get the attention of those that are responsible for the future of this vital natural resource that is ours to protect for future generations. This unique environment will not survive unless we take care of it in a proper manner.

March 15th Dinner Meeting of the Board of FODR will be held at Fred ‘s house at 6:00 P.M.


Respectfully submitted in the absence of Secretary Rick  Mercurio

Dick Althouse (Board Member )