Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2013

Present: Fred Woods, Mike Whalen, Jerry Harmon, Jim Schafer, and Rick Mercurio.
New website: The Board met at the home of David Woods on Hickory Street in Escondido from 7-8:15 p.m. The Board contracted with David to create a custom FODR website, and he showed the Board his progress to date. David began with his “building blocks” for the site, including colors, fonts, photos, the logo, and the theme of loving Daley Ranch. He also told us that he has made DR a “place” on Facebook, where we now have 324 likes. Visitors may now broadcast to others when they are on the ranch. David showed us his design for the new homepage and sub pages. Other topics discussed were bumper stickers for donation incentives, apps that the site can “advertise” to help visitors with trails and landmarks, QR codes, credit card use, merchandise sales (which David has concerns with), and other features of the site. The Board was very impressed with the work done so far, and unanimously approved of David’s design concepts. Over the next few weeks David will email the Board with updates and requests for any input for needed decisions.
Minutes and Treasurer’s report: The Board re-convened at the train depot beginning at 8:30. Mike moved to approve the minutes from the previous meeting. Jim seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Rick Paul emailed the Board his treasurer’s report. Since the last report he has received $62 from the iron ranger plus another $20 cash. No checks have been received. The Board had previously voted by email to approve $750.74 reimbursement to Mike for the new tee shirts.
School visits: Fred presented a thorough update on the status of the school visits and the grant money expenditures. The first of 12 scheduled day trips will be this Tuesday, Feb. 26, continuing until April 24. Most of the budgeted items are coming in close to the estimated amount. Printing costs, however, are considerably less than predicted. We still have a few more capital expenditures. The Board discussed a possible payment to the Native American presenter, who has taken nothing over many years of volunteering, to reimburse her for “show and tell” materials at her learning station. The funds for this could come from the savings of $600 from the birds of prey presentation. Rick M suggested that we supply a single page flyer from FODR, including a membership form, to give to the teachers and other adults during each visit. Fred said he would ask David to see if he could put one together soon. The Board thanked Fred for all the time he has been spending organizing the trips.
Utility Buildings: Dick Althouse is submitting design drawings for the foreman’s quarters. The tarp over it is still in good shape. We hope to make progress on this project soon.
Stanley Peak signs: Jim is ready to install the two panorama signs. He said that Tony Smock is ready to help transport the materials in a city “gator” vehicle. He is hoping to install them March 5, although rain and trail conditions will be considerations. Board members asked Jim to keep us in the loop so that we might help that day. The Board is very grateful to Jim for the work he has done.
Tee shirts: Mike has worked closely with the company to order several sizes of the new shirts. They will be delivered to his home on Feb. 26. The Board is appreciative of Mike’s efforts with the shirts and hats.
Newsletter: Rick M suggested assigning articles for the March 15 newsletter. He will write articles seeking volunteers for a possible weekend booth at the entrance, as well as seeking input for the website from members. He also hopes to have items from some of the organizations he has contacted that may have articles from their group for us. Fred will ask David to submit a “teaser” for the upcoming website. Fred’s president message will touch on the school visits and the generous grant from the Escondido Charitable Foundation.
Memorial benches: Jerry reported that earlier today he had received City approval for the bench dedicated to Irene O’Neill. He also told the City about upcoming plans for a low rock wall. The Board is asking Dick Althouse and Jim Schafer to help design that wall. Jerry reminded us that we will need to invite family members when both Sally’s and Irene’s benches are formally dedicated.
Next meeting: The next Board meeting will be Thursday, March 28, at 6 p.m. at the home of Rick Mercurio
Respectfully submitted,
Rick Mercurio