Friends of Daley Ranch Board

19 February 2014


Members present: Fred Woods, Rick Paul, Dick Althouse, Jim Schafer, Mike Whalen and Peter Benson.

Peter Benson reported that he was making headway on the Jack Creek Stream Bank Erosion Control Project but that there were a lot of items that still have to be accomplished before the work can be approved.  He provided a detailed account of the progress and what needs to be addressed including the project description, the current status, which applications are still needed, the current application status, the PCN information required and a prospectus that described an eventual positive outcome.  The group was very appreciative of the work Peter has accomplished so far and thankful for the information provided that will give us a better understanding of what needs to be done to complete this project. 

The meeting was called to order at approximately 7:45 PM. 

The minutes from the January FODR meeting were approved.  Jim made the motion to approve.  Mike seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:  Rick reported there were 2 donations made in memory of Jack Pomeroy.  Mike made a motion to repay Fred for printing expenses dedicated to the 2014 school tours.  That motion was approved unanimously. Mike had collected $98.00 from the Iron Ranger in the form of donations to FODR.  Rick reported all the current financial information and related account balances and expenses for the reporting period.    

Election of Officers:  Fred initiated the annual process of electing members of the board to fill official officer positions.  He proposed that the roles of the current officers remain in place.  The Board passed that motion unanimously.  For the remainder of 2014 the role of President will be filled by Fred Woods.  The role of Vice President will be filled by Mike Whalen.  The role of Treasurer will be filled by Rick Paul.  The role of Secretary will be filled by Rick Mercurio. 

School tours:  Fred presented the current status of The Daley Ranch 7th Grade School Trips.  The trips are scheduled to begin on Tuesday February 25th and are scheduled to end during the second week of April.  During those three months there will be multiple trips set aside for Rincon Middle School, Hidden Valley Middle School, and Bear Valley Middle School.  Fred has created and printed handouts for each student that will attend the school tour.  The handouts are titled “Dixon Lake-Daley Ranch Field Study”.  The Field Study contains detailed information and provides space for each student to document the valuable information presented in a way that will enhance the learning experience.  There are pages devoted to the study of Birds, Horses, Native Americans, Plants, Trees, History of Daley Ranch, wildlife, Reptiles and Amphibians, as well as an area for notes and sketches.  Fred also presented an estimate of the costs associated with the printing of the Field Study guides, the volunteer lunches, the Raptor presentation, and the Native American History presentation.

Utility Building Reconstruction Project:  Dick presented the current progress of the Utility Building Project.  Dick said there has been a lot of progress lately on the Foreman’s Residence building and that the project is going very well.  He said that half of the original siding has been installed on the south and front sides of the building.  And a small section of the roof and the entire porch have been covered with tar paper and shingles.  On Saturday is the next scheduled reconstruction day to continue attaching the original siding and hopefully finish installing the rest of the roof tar paper and shingles.  Dick has a goal of getting the building weather resistant by having the roof completed prior to the start of the rainy season, and it looks like we might have the roof completed by this coming Saturday, if everything goes as planned.   Dick also brought up that we need to develop a way to raise money to fund the current project as well as the future Building Reconstruction project as we move to the 3 remaining buildings that reconstruction efforts have not yet begun.  Fred suggested that we should create a Power Point presentation to show to at future fund raising events to generate the necessary donations to fund the materials needed.  We are all extremely grateful for those who have volunteered their time and effort to bring the Foreman’s Residence building to this current stage of reconstruction.  

Walk the Watershed and County Supervisor Dave Roberts visit:  Jim reported on the current status of the planned Walk the Watershed event.  This is a project that will focus on specific areas of San Diego County that are part of the Watershed that originates near Daley Ranch and end at the Pacific Ocean at San Elijo Lagoon.  The walk is designed to focus on specific areas that will be explored over a series of days and the first part of the walk will begin at Daley Ranch on May 10th.   The first event of the planned series will include a walk around portions of Daley Ranch and Dixon Lake.  Jim is also coordinating a walking tour of Daley Ranch with County Supervisor Dave Roberts currently scheduled for March 26th that will allow Dave to visit Daley Ranch and see many of the scenic points of interest, the Utility Building Reconstruction project as well as be able to see one of the 7th Grade School Field trips. 

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:30

The next meeting will be on Wednesday March 19th at 6:00 pm. 

Respectfully submitted in the absence of Board Secretary Rick Mercurio
Mike Whalen – Vice President