Friends of Daley Ranch

February 18, 2015


As part of the Friends of Daley Ranchís continuing saga of its efforts to implement its mission statement, the board held another meeting.  The results of those efforts are outlined as follows.

  1. Members present: Fred Woods, Rick Paul, Jerry Harmon, Mike Whalen, Dick Althouse, Jim Schafer; Colleen MacKinnon, and guest Don Piller.
  2. Meeting began at 7:00 pm and the minutes of January 24, 2015 Annual Retreat were approved by acclamation.
  3. Rick P moved to nominate Colleen to be a board member.  Mike seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
  4. Treasurer Rick P gave his report.  Rick P made a motion to reimburse Fred $172.80 for printing costs for the upcoming school trip expenses. Mike seconded and motion passed unanimously. 
  5. Don as FODRís webmaster, initiated a website status discussion.  He feels he has lots of access and it is going very well, especially with the continued support of Deedub Inc who designed FODRís current website.  He would like to promote the beauty of Daley Ranch by posting Sandy Zelaskoís photographs on the website.  He will work with Rick Mercurio to explore this further.
  6. Building restoration was discussed in detail.  Many moving parts to all the policies and procedures to be followed, with many pieces missing.  Dickís role as Restoration Foreman continues to take on an ever increasing role as Project Manager.
  7. Signage was discussed in terms of sourcing, content, creation, and placement in utilizing the county NRP grant.  The generosity of the County Board of Supervisorís is greatly appreciated in providing the funds for both the signs and restoration projects.
  8. School Trips progress due to Fredís tireless (okay maybe a little tired) efforts was presented.  Speaking of many moving parts, Fred and et al continue to make this yearís trips as productive and educational as ever to the future generations of the caretakers of our planet. 
  9. Colleen is going to explore the possibility of FODR having a booth for a day at the San Diego County this year.

In Rich Mercurioís absence Jim made a motion to have the next meeting at Rick Mercurioís home on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at 6:00 pm.  The motion passed unanimously. 

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Schafer (for Rick Mercurio, Secretary)