FODR Board Meeting Minutes

February 16, 2021


Jerry Harmon opened the Zoom meeting at 7 p.m. Attendees were Jerry, Fred Woods, Brocade Wu, Dick Althouse and Rick Mercurio
Fred moved approval of the amended minutes from the last meeting on 1/9/21. Rick seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
Treasurerís report: Rick had sent an accounting for January and February, and he answered questions about them. He has met with Sanchez and Associates who will be doing the accounting and tax services for FODR.
2021 Budget: Rick led a line by line discussion about upcoming expenses, and he will produce a final 2021 budget by the next meeting.


Old Business

1. Update of digital seventh grade school presentation: Fred had emailed a copy of videos and all costs related to the program. Three trips occurred in 2020, then the video program began to take shape starting in summer. Fred detailed income and expenses for the video production. Fred is owed some money, and Rick will write him a reimbursement check. Rick will handle payments to the Chaparral Institute, and Fred will ask James where his payment will go. We still have a few fees left to pay.

2. Barn restoration: Since the previous meeting, Rick moved via email to approve a contract with Nalu Architectural Service for engineering work on the barn project for $2600, with an initial payment of $1300. Fred seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. The $1300 was mailed to Nalu on February 1. Dick expects to receive a report by the end of the week from Chris Schumm, from Nalu Architects, after Dick and Jerry met him to take a close look at the barn. Dick thinks we will get some changes to his drawings from the firm rather than completely new plans. A big question is whether the public would be allowed in the barn. Dick thinks we ought to devise a fundraising program, and a call for volunteers. It could be called ROOTS: Restore Our Old Treasure Sites. He suggests creation of to a fundraising poster.

3. Audubon native plant garden: Jerry met with Audubon to locate a site at DR with a water feature that Audubon would create and fund. The City may need to authorize this, and Chris K was enthusiastically supportive. This would located across from the Ranch House. This site has already been added to the master plan from KTUA for Area 1 improvements.

4. Biological monitoring: Rick noted that both the State and Federal Wildlife agencies worked with the City, along with Denise Harter, to develop a comprehensive plan to monitor the biology and habitat at Daley Ranch. The Board agreed that this is a positive new direction for the City, and Jerry will discuss this issue with a City representative.

†5. KTUA outreach: Rick received an email today from KTUA, which he will forward to the Board, listing numerous grantors who might be available to fund implementation of the comprehensive plan for recreational and educational facilities and features in Area 1 at Daley Ranch. Rick will also forward that final plan to the Board. Jerry will check with the City about next steps, and potential maintenance issues with any new development at DR.

6. Trails Update; Rick said that the final report for the trails assessment was completed last month. FODR still owes the $5000 we promised to help fund it. Rick will forward the report to the Board. It shows that the trails are in very bad shape, generally, and it includes specific proposals for improvement. Jerry will discuss this plan with the City.


New Business

1. Letter of support for TECC grant: Rick said that he had sent a letter of support to TECC on behalf of FODR as part of an application for grant funding to restore the natural habitat at the Sardina Preserve near Lake Wohlford.

2. Discussion of procedures for proposing new board members: We need to find people who are passionate about DR and have skill sets that could benefit us. Jerry spoke to a neighbor of DR who is interested. Rick will come up with a questionnaire format and get back to the Board for input.

Next board meeting will be 3/16/21 at† 7pm on Zoom.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio