Friends of Daley Ranch Minutes

February 17, 2011

Present: Fred Woods, Rick Paul, Sally Thomas, Mike Whalen, Carol Stanford, Jerry Harmon, Dick Althouse, and Rick Mercurio


     Fred opened the meeting at 6 p.m. at the home of Sally Thomas. Rick Paul moved to approve the minutes from the January meeting. Carol seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Rick Paul gave the treasurer’s report: the Daley Ranch Volunteers Association has $9585; the FODR bank account has $6681; the Ivy account is not updated, but has over $18,000; and Fred turned over $56 from the iron ranger.

     The Board gave its appreciation to Wendy Barker for publishing the newsletter this week. We will change the email request on future newsletters to rather than Sally’s. We also discussed the need to make paying dues easier, especially for those who get the emailed newsletter. Perhaps a more formal letter request with a remittance envelope would encourage payments.

     Details were discussed about the plant signs. FODR has already agreed to purchase the 4X4 treated posts. James Dillane has agreed to accompany us when specific plants and their sites are identified. The lunch/picnic “thank you” to Sunrise Rotary will be Saturday, April 30 at noon at the ranch house lawn. We want to invite as many Rotary members and their families as possible. This will also be the day of installation, which may occur before and after the lunch. We will invite our own FODR supporters to the lunch as well, and welcome new members. Since we will be supplying the food, we will need RSVPs from all who will attend. The City will work with us on using a vehicle to bring in the food, supplies, and if possible, some of the people. To avoid the need for BBQs or other heating materials, we will try to buy ready-made cold lunch items, such as submarine sandwiches. Sally and Fred will look into this. Within two weeks of the picnic we will email those of our supporters who are on the list, and also post a news item in the local newspapers so the “non-email” supporters will be notified and potential new members will be encouraged to reply. Rick M will ask Jack Pomeroy about newspaper contacts.

     Dick reported that the tarp is still awaiting the City’s removal of the bees from the utility building. Once that is done, further restoration may proceed. The City said that the barn is ready to be cleared since Vector Control found no H-virus there, and Tony said the City has no problem with FODR using the barn for storage of materials.

     Rick M shared the draft letter he wrote to the residents near Alps Way about illegal entry to the ranch. The Board made some adjustments, and asked Rick to mail the letter. He had driven the area and recorded all the addresses. He will hand-address the envelopes to encourage residents to open the letter. Tony told Rick that the City was willing to post “no trespassing/do not harm the environment” type signs facing the backyards of houses with the illegal trails, despite previous problems with vandalism.

     Fred said that Bear Valley Middle School students will visit the ranch for the annual outing on March 9 and 16, with about 200 students each day. Rick M moved that FODR pay for the lunches of the volunteers. Mike seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

     Fred reported that he and Sally have done some preliminary research into the Resource Conservation Districts. They may be a source of funding for re-vegetation projects or other functions.

     Rick Paul asked FODR to donate Daley Ranch tee-shirts to council members Diaz and Morasco; the other council members had already been given tee-shirts.

     Rick Paul reported on the City’s plans for the Caballo trailhead, including the area now used by the Charros. He researched the City’s Northeast Gateway plan, and Sally had researched the Daley Ranch master plan, to see how the City’s planned facility there may or may not be appropriate. Rick had spoken with Bill Martin of the City and communicated with other City officials to find out their intentions. The City is looking into moving one-third of its public works facilities to this area, including a possible new structure. Board members raised concerns about the plan: whether the proposed facility is compatible with the natural surroundings of Daley Ranch and with the residential area to the southeast; what is the accepted definition of “modified open space;” whether drainage issues in that area can be addressed; whether native habitat will be restored in disturbed areas; whether the Caballo trailhead will be adversely affected; whether the Charros use of the area for their traditional, cultural events may be preserved.

     FODR will make a presentation to the City Council when the matter is considered on March 9. In the meantime, FODR members will attempt to contact council members and other interested parties.

     The next Board meeting will be Thursday, March 17 at 7 p.m. at the train depot.


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, Secretary