Friends of Daley Ranch Executive Board Minutes

January 12, 2006


Present: Sally Thomas, Jerry Harmon, Irene O’Neill, Carol Stanford, Fred Woods, Rick Paul, and Rick Mercurio; from the City, Tony Smock; guest Larry Allen Tonar


Sally opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at the Train Depot in Grape Day Park in Escondido. Irene’s treasurer report indicates that FODR has $15,734 in assets. The Volunteer group has more than $10,300. Because the total amount is over $25,000 we may have to file income tax returns this year. Rick Paul and Irene will be looking for a new accountant.

Tony said the council is opting for Plan D for the ranch house. But the maximum number of people to be allowed at the site ranges from 50 in the house itself to as many as 500 in the vicinity. FODR strongly urges the lowest possible number due to probable impacts on road use, fire safety and the resulting noise and habitat effects. Tony said that the council is forming a “Daley Ranch Management Committee” which will review proposals and pass on recommendations to the Council. Ron Newman and Sam Abed have indicated that they would like a representative from FODR to sit on that committee. Rick Paul will be meeting with Mayor Pfeiler soon to get consensus on this idea. Sally will be meeting with City Manager Clay Phillips about this and other possible issues surrounding Daley Ranch. Tony noted that conservation bank funds are presently accumulating for among other purposes the restoration of the ranch house. Irene observed that the ranch house is in immediate need of pest control, perhaps requiring tenting sooner rather than later. Tony will forward this concern to building maintenance.

Tony also said that the Shaw Company is presently involved in grading trails/roads at the ranch. They are to create better drainage conditions where possible. Tony and the City are overseeing this work in order to minimize habitat damage. FEMA funds are paying the costs. Tony indicated that the owner of the Stanley Peak property continues to negotiate with the City. The Board discussed the pros and cons of getting TPL involved. It was decided that at the present time the City is in the best position to negotiate and that FODR will ask the City if there is anything that we can do to help them in the acquisition process. Meanwhile Sally will write a letter to Oberbauer expressing our hopes and intentions.

Jerry said that he will continue to pursue the services of a Strategic Planning Consultant for FODR.

The Board discussed a membership meeting/presentation. We want Rick Halsey and the SD Tracking Team to present, along with the DR docents. It could be held in the East Valley Community Center from 4-6 p.m. on a Saturday. Possible dates are March 11, April 8 and 29, and May 6. Rick Mercurio will draft a letter inviting the “neighbors” of Daley Ranch; Rick Paul had compiled this data base. We also hope to put a notice in the local newspapers about the meeting. We will supply snacks and beverages but not a full meal.

Sally seeks newsletter contributions. We will honor the Harman's for their generous donation and the new “corporate sponsor” from Rick Paul.

Larry suggested a web page link to a schematic map of the DR trails. This could be downloaded for a specific trail loop and would generate a “quiz” for walkers to use as they hiked. They would return to the website for the answers to the quiz. The naturalists are interested in this idea, and so was the Board.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, Secretary