Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2013

Present: Fred Woods, Mike Whalen, Jim Schafer, Dick Althouse, Rick Paul, Rick Mercurio, and guests Don Pillar and David Woods.
Fred opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at the train depot in Grape Day Park, Escondido. Mike moved to approve the minutes from the last meeting. Fred seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
David Woods, who was selected by the Board to develop an updated FODR website, led a discussion about some remaining focus areas, following the Boardís submission of input from Davidís online questionnaire. The Board was grateful to have Don present for his valuable contribution to the discussion, and for his ongoing help with our website.

Social Media Option & Expectations: Facebook and Twitter are two forms of social media that FODR is addressing. Rick P has already supervised the appointment of Wendy Barker and Linda Shipman as FODRís social media committee for monitoring and maintenance. They have already changed the Facebook page from an individual to an organization. David will look into options for visitors to share information and photos using social media.

Trail Maps: The website will continue to use the Cityís pdf trail map, which may be zoomed in and used from cell phones. David will seek to link Rob Mustardís site, with its comprehensive trail map, to our site. The map is too cumbersome for cell phone use, however. The Board liked the notion of changing our web address to or We would like to buy other daleyranch domain names to ďcontrolĒ them.

News & Mailing Lists: David suggested updating content for the website on a regular basis. This would alert Google that we have an active site, and potentially increase hits. We could assign articles and/or photos on at least a monthly basis, from Board members and from other entities, including rangers; Charros; biking, equestrian, hiking and other user groups; naturalists; conservation groups such as Audubon; etc. We could also employ Video in the Community to help us with making a free video of the ranch for the website. We discussed the need to continue to transition our membership to email from the US mail contact list. We could use email to alert members of news and articles. We also decided to continue the printed version of the newsletter, which could use the various articles posted on the website in the preceding months.

Donations & Memberships via Online Credit Card: David and Don will look into options for online payment of donations and membership. David said that automatic recurring payment plans are expensive and problematic.

David said he will compile all our input and develop a scope of work and contract document for the Board to approve. David and Don left the meeting after this discussion.
Rick P gave his treasurerís report: we have $25,882 in the checking account, $20,317 in the Ivy account, $25 from the cash box, $303 in new cash and checks, and we got $434 in December. The El Caballo Park group has taken its money out of FODRís account in order to establish its own bank account. Our post office box payment will be due this March.
Dick is preparing drawings for the foremanís quarters restoration to submit to the City. He has spoken with an architect in order to learn the various details to include.
Jim has built the metal brackets and wooden backing for the Stanley Peak signs. They are extremely sturdy and well built. Jim can hopefully secure the services of City vehicles to haul the signs and the building supplies to the top of the peak. The Board thanked Mike for his generous payment for a new sign and banner, to replace those that were misspelled.
Rick P said that the El Caballo Park organization has now established its own bank account. He also said that the group hopes to update the new council member, John Masson, on plans for the park. They also will speak at the councilís public hearing for its two-year goals, advocating for completion of the master plan as a high priority. Rick P said that Jay Petrek was named the City planner for the parkís development.

Mike reported that he has received the 30 new Daley Ranch hats, which he will display to the Board on Feb. 2. He has compiled the current inventory of Daley Ranch tee-shirts, and the Board will direct him for purchases on Feb. 2. Mike has met with Rich Aeling of the Rotary Club about their help with ranch projects. Rich has generously offered to replace the five missing or damaged plant signs. He is still considering options for possible projects at the ranch for the big Rotary workday in April.

The Board will meet at Mikeís home at 8 a.m. on Feb. 2 for the annual Board retreat. Weather permitting, the Board will start the day by taking a round trip hike to the ranch house to discuss all relevant issues. At the subsequent meeting the Board will discuss, among other topics, standardizing Newsletter dates and assignments, as well as a revitalized membership campaign.
The Board still needs to decide where the regular meeting will be held on Feb. 21.
Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, Secretary