Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes

July 13, 2006

Present: Sally Thomas, Jerry Harmon, Irene O'Neill, Carol Stanford, Rick Paul, Tracy Brown, Fred Woods, Tony Smock

Treasurer's Report: Balance is $16039.63. All outstanding bills have been paid. Payment of $50 was moved, seconded, and passed 7-0 for Grape Day booth to share with TECC.

Old Business:

Stanley Peak - City council authorized escrow with Mr Sylvester to acquire Stanley Peak. Tony reported that escrow would close sometime towards September. He described the planned routed for the public trail to begin at the meadow road off Sage Trail with a return down the slope behind the old water tank. Some gates will be erected to keep visitors on trails. This plan would not create any new break in Area III acres and would be the most desirable.

Sally reported that the tracking team had received authorization from Sylvester to put motion activated cameras on the property. The film has been retrieved but not yet developed. Duane will let us know what the results were when the film as been developed and reviewed.

Jerry will report whether TECC would want to make a joint effort on the Bottle Peak acquisition after the next TECC board meeting.

Sally reported that the CRN/SDF meeting with representatives of Open Space Institute and Will Fen of Philadelphia was useful in defining the issues and opportunities in the San Diego conservation community. The bottom line is still that willing sellers must be identified and the conservation value of the property described before grant applications can be made. Bridge loan money may be available through the organizations that were conducting the meeting. Emphasis was made that viable management plans were integral to the success of grant applications.

Sally reported on a follow up contact with Jeff Throop, regarding habitat, corridor, historical and recreational value of properties between Daley Ranch and Lake Hodges. This may become the next project for FODR, due to the importance of connectivity for the "constrained corridor" at the Ranch

Ranch House --- Tracy and Tony reported the plans were nearly ready for the next stage: RFP to contractors.

Endowment and Strategic Planning - items tabled until August meeting.

New Business:

Stanley Peak Inaugural Hike - Tony said that the City would prefer to wait until escrow closed and the trail built before holding any event.

Grape Day - Payment for a double sized booth was approved. Scheduling and etc will be decided at the August meeting.

Fall Newsletter - It was agreed that the Fall newsletter should be mailed before Grape Day.


August 10 Dinner meeting, 6:00 p.m. at Fred's house.

September 9 - Grape Day booth and parade entry

September 14 Train Station meeting, 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sally Thomas (for Rick Mercurio)