Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting Minutes

July 17, 2008


Present: Fred Woods, Irene OʼNeill, Mike Whalen, Jerry Harmon, Rick Paul, and Rick Mercurio


     Fred opened the meeting at 7 pm at the train depot at Grape Day  Park, Escondido. No minutes were available from the June meeting. Irene offered a treasurerʼs report. The investment account balance is presently $19,190 and the bank balance is $3030. Fredʼs latest collection at the iron ranger yielded only a 42 cent average for each plant guide taken, with the total being about $11. The Board discussed the need for a newsletter to come out a couple weeks before Grape Day. We would like to include an article asking for help from any member or friend who may want to work on the newsletter publication in the future.

     Under old business we noted that the outbuilding restoration project necessitates insurance consideration for workers. Rick P. said that he discussed the liability issue with Jay Petrek who said that the city's online volunteer form includes a waiver which is sufficient for workers at Daley Ranch. Fred will contact Bob McQuead to set up another lunch or dinner meeting to discuss next steps on the outbuildings.

     Jerry reported on the recent CEO meeting with the City. With ongoing budget problems, the ranch house restoration project seems to be stalling. Jerry suggests holding a future CEO meeting at the site of the outbuildings to facilitate informed and timely decisions. Jerry said he would look into this.

     Fred announced a grant writing workshop in the near future. He will send another email to all Board members to see if anyone is interested. The Board is willing to sponsor one or more participants, and is hoping that Sally will agree to attend.

     Rick P. said that he has been in contact with Don P. about adding interactive features to the DR website. We could allow viewers to join FODR, buy t-shirts, and more. Rick P. said that Don is interested in learning how to set this up.

     Jack Pomeroy communicated with the Board about a Friends of Wilderness Gardens event from 10 am to noon on Saturday, July 26. It will include a presentation from Project Wild, and is open to everyone.

     James Dillane told Rick P. that a large group of students from Bear Valley Middle School is planning a visit to DR over a two day period this next Easter season.

     Jerry said that the Deer Park Buddhists were happy with our June meeting and they want a follow up meeting to discuss land use specifics. The Board supported this, and Jerry said he would look into preparing for the meeting by looking into the specific development proposal just west of Deer Park.

     The Board agreed to participate in Grape Day again this year, to be held Sept. 6. Irene will reserve a booth and Rick M. will reserve a spot in the parade. Irene moved to authorize the $35 for the booth. Rick P. seconded and the motion passed unanimously. We will plan the specifics at the next meeting.

     Jerry agreed to host the next meeting at 6 pm on August 21.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, Secretary