Friends of Daley Ranch Minutes

July 15, 2010


President Fred Woods opened the meeting at 6:59 p.m. A quorum was present: Rick Paul, Mike Whalen, Jerry Harmon, Sally Thomas. Dick Althouse was present as a guest.


June Minutes: A quorum was not present. No Board action was taken.


Treasurer’s Report: Bank balances remained as for May. Treasurer received $34 from the Iron Ranger and Plant Guide. New membership of $35 was also received. Ivy Fund is following the market but is still grown to over $14,000.


City Report: No City Staff attended.


Old Business:

l Utility Building Restoration: In June, Fred, Mike, Jerry, Bob McQuead and Dick Althouse met with City staff to request action on emergency measures essential for the restoration project.  In the past, for reasons of health and safety, City has not wanted volunteers to perform removal of fire hazards such as old fuel barrels, hay and other material; creation of defensible space around the buildings; and treatment for hantavirus. The restoration committee also called attention to: the crumbling stone wall along the creek where continuing erosion could cause the Garage building to collapse; and a line shaft extending from the Workshop that may have provided power via a wheel driven by creek flow. The committee requested time with Staff and the Daley family to investigate historical information about the line shaft and the rock wall. FODR remains willing to provided volunteers for the project, and looks forward to the City’s response. City has named Paul Bingham as the new point of contact for the FODR.


l Newsletter: FODR member Wendy Barker of the Historical Society has offered to assist with the newsletter. Her involvement will save time and bring added expertise to the newsletter project. The next issue should be mailed by September 6 to coincide with Grape Day. Rick Paul will handle email subscriptions. Proposed content: President’s letter, Fred’s photo, Sally’s information on protected plant species, personal connection piece from??, Wendy’s perspective on the utility building restoration, and Jerry’s historical bit on the acquisition of Daley Ranch . Sally will call Wendy to make arrangements. Wendy is familiar with Word and with PDF as well as programs that she uses to create the EHS on-line newsletter.


l Board Member Election: Dick Althouse was unanimously elected as Board Member. Tracey Brown has definitely resigned, although she continues to seek a person from CSU San Marcos to join the Board in the near future. The Board appreciates the time and energy Tracey has contributed, and wishes her well in her new primary role as “Aiden’s mom.” Quorum remains at 5.


l Plant Signage: Jerry and Fred have had no new word from Sunrise Rotary. FODR still plans to have a volunteer and recognition event to install the signs. No action was taken


No new business was brought to the table. Next meeting will be on August 19th. Place TBA.

Respectfully submitted for Secretary Rick Mercurio,

By Sally Thomas