Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes

July 18, 2018


Present: Colleen Mackinnon, Fred Woods, Jerry Harmon, Dick Althouse, Rick Paul, Liz Ridder, and Rick Mercurio


Minutes and Treasurerís Report: Colleen opened the meeting at 7:20 pm at Lizís home. She said she would complete the minutes from the June meeting. Rick P delivered a written copy of his treasurerís report. He issued a reimbursement of $104 to Bruce Swanson for the newsletter printing. Fred delivered $381 cash from the iron ranger. TECC has requested the monies promised and received by FODR for the Save1000Acres campaign. Rick M moved to approve this payment, and Fred seconded. The motion passed unanimously. There is positive news on progress for Save1000Acres and official word will be released at the end of September. Rick P noted that the Escondido Charitable Foundation logo ought to be added to the list of sponsors on our newsletter and website. Rick M will see to this.


School Visits: Fred announced that SDG&E has granted FODR $5000 toward our program. This is good news, but our total grant money is considerably less than our yearly expenses.

†††† Colleen and Liz agreed to work on finding applicable grants, perhaps focusing on underserved youth. Rick M and Fred will assist them in the writing of any such grant applications. Fred also said he would try to press individual schools to pick up the tab for more than two buses. He hopes to add Quantum Academy to another schoolís trip that has extra room. Rincon is down from three to two days.

†††† The Escondido Charitable Foundation may ask FODR to make a presentation to its newest members. The idea is to promote additional funding for the school visits program by explaining how FODR has leveraged our resources to make a real impact on our community, which has overwhelmingly supported us. Thank you ECF!


ECC Grant and Scholarship: Colleen has worked hard on a strategic plan, which she has titled Heritage Valley at Daley Ranch Preserve. She shared a slide show that she had prepared. The plan is in accordance with the DR Master Plan. A few of the highlights for this long-term vision include

1.     The involvement and engagement of youth groups in the community.

2.     The demolition of the existing white residence across from the ranch house.

3.     A provision for overnight camping in the area near that residence.

4.     Landscaping, which includes an overlook where the existing memorial benches are located, a meditative area, and a garden.

5.     An interpretive trail that features signage for history, geography, maps, indigenous peoples, biological resources, and human impacts.

6.     Farm equipment displays near the utility buildings with signage.

7.     A picnic area near the restrooms.

8.     An amphitheater near the existing equestrian area.

9.     Fundraising programs that involve youth.


Plant Signs: Rick M has communicated with Brian Swanson, a FODR member who has volunteered to lead an effort to replace missing or damaged plant signs along two trails at DR. Rick P contacted Rich Aeling of Sunrise Rotary, and both expressed a willingness to help. The Board hopes that Brian can find a coating material for the signs to help with graffiti problems.


Farm Equipment: Dick has met with Ranger Gregg and others in pursuit of historically appropriate farm equipment. Dick has located a grain drill that was not used at DR, but may be representative of the type used there. Dick will drive to Alpine to check its condition before committing to accepting it from the donor. He also has located a dump wagon. One idea is to bring it to Dickís home, where work parties could help with restoration. Dick created a document entitled Criteria for Acquisition of Farm Equipment for Display at DR, spelling out relevant procedures and protocol for this project. Ongoing maintenance of the equipment is a major consideration. Dick is waiting for confirmation from the City about the appropriateness of starting a collection of equipment.


November Picnic: This yearís lunch is slated for Sunday, November 11. The Board discussed possible ideas for speakers and/or program. Besides the guided hike by Rick P and the open ranch house with Rick M as docent, program ideas included Colleenís Strategic Plan, Save1000Acres, the farm equipment program, and displaying Native American artifacts. Colleen suggested a planning day in late August to iron out details and logistics.


Second Sundays: Our newsletter asked for volunteers to help, but as yet no one has stepped forward. Rick M agreed to attend in August.


Next Meeting: This is scheduled for Wednesday, August 15 at the Train Depot at 7 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, secretary