Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes
July 20, 2021


Present: Jerry Harmon, Brocade Wu, Fred Woods, Ron Franzese, and Rick Mercurio

Jerry opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at his Oceanside home.

1.     Minutes from May meeting: Approved by acclamation.


2. Treasurer’s report – Rick emailed June’s line item accounting and July’s to date. FODR sincerely thanks the Palomar Audubon Society for their $2000 donation. We look forward to more cooperative efforts in the future.


3. The 7th grade program – On behalf of FODR, Fred has submitted the final SDF grant report and an ECF progress report. We still have a relatively minor expense to Ryan Videos to prepare thumb drives of videos to presenters and to preserve all drone footage. We are awaiting ECF’s direction regarding the remaining unspent funds. Many unanswered questions remain for next spring’s field trip program. Tomorrow Rick and Fred will gratefully accept a $7500 check from SDGE’s Environmental Champions grant for those trips.

Jerry asked about ways to get feedback from the general public reacting to the video series. Brocade will look into this idea, possibly posting videos individually over time. Fred said that comments on YouTube segments designated for youth are not allowed. Fred will also be making the videos known to other charter and private schools, City staff and officials.


4. Barn restoration- Jerry had a recent conversation with Dick Althouse, who has been working diligently to get approvals from the City for the work. Recently he got good news. FODR will be able to do work with volunteers after all, without the use of a professional contractor. All of Dick’s drawings, with the blessing of Nalu Architects, have been accepted by the City.


5. Social media & website update – Brocade has already been working on fundraising for the barn project. She said she has reached a couple thousand people and sensed a lot of enthusiasm. When we are ready for volunteers, she will reach out again. She also has been working on Amazon Smile.

Brocade said she is still thinking about the website and possible changes in the future.


6. Newsletter- Rick will put an Amazon Smile appeal in the next one. The annual picnic and fundraiser should be the number one headline for the October newsletter. All ideas are welcome.


7. Fundraiser, annual picnic - time/date, place, format, speakers: Saturday, Nov. 13 was selected. The barn will be the focus. Jerry will work on program. Rick on the City connection. Brocade on food. A separate meeting to plan will be scheduled.


8. New board members – Jerry has a prospective new board member. Rick has sent her the questionnaire, and she will respond after her current vacation. Ron suggests a specific woman connected to the Deer Park Monastery and he will pursue that.


9. Equestrian outreach – Ron has posted fliers around Daley Ranch seeking connections with equestrians. He said that he notices few riders these days.


10. Jerry has a list of ideas for future discussion and action.

·       Outreach to neighbors

·       Estate planning outreach

·       Cultivate potential large donors

·       Efforts to acquire BLM land

·       “Council Springs” status - in cooperation with Deer Park Monastery

·       Communication with city staff/mayor regarding budget for Daley Ranch. Rick noted that Chris K emailed today about Endowment funds now being allocated for vegetation mapping, and that is very good news.

·       Possible joint meeting with environmental organizations (i.e. TECC, SDRVC, HellHole Canyon): Jerry advocates for working cooperatively with these like-minded groups, starting with social events to connect names and faces.


11. Connect North County - next meeting July 25, 4 pm at home of Joaquin Aganza (Friends of HellHole Canyon), the 9th bi-monthly social meeting of environmentalists in spite of the pandemics. (RSVP 760-533-6821)


12. Interpretive Trail update: Rick said that his grant application from SDF’s Opening the Outdoors initiative was declined. Nevertheless, he seeks to pursue a less expensive option for the interpretive trail, working with the eleven entities who provided letters of support for the grant application.


Next meeting: Aug 17, 7 pm at the Train Station, Grape Day Park

Respectfully submitted,
Rick Mercurio, Secretary/Treasurer