Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes           

July 19, 2017


Present: Colleen Mackinnon, Jim Schafer, Fred Woods, Jerry Harmon, Rick Paul, Dick Althouse, Su Scott, and Rick Mercurio


Minutes & Treasurer’s Report: Colleen opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at the home of Su. Minutes were not written for the June meeting at the train depot. One item decided at that meeting was that Jerry would place the small plant signs along the trail to replace those missing or damaged. Rick P presented a written and oral treasurer’s report and he will email the same. Jim delivered $560 from the iron ranger, collected since last November. The Board approved reimbursement to Rick M for expenses related to the summer newsletter. Rick P will explore options for a vehicle to place some of FODR’s assets, in order to obtain a better rate of return.


School Visits: Following a successful season of 7th grade visits, Fred has already been busy getting all middle schools, including Quantum Academy, booked for next year. He just received the final invoice for buses for the Bear Valley “make up” visit on June 2. The school used four buses even though FODR had authorized three. Fred agreed to inquire about the school paying for the fourth bus.

SDG&E approved our grant request, and sent a $5000 check for next year’s trips.

Su volunteered to work on ideas of how to integrate the new science standards into our existing learning stations. To that end, a subcommittee consisting of Colleen, Fred, Su and Rick M will meet on August 4 to brainstorm ideas. Colleen will also contact the Conway 5th grade teacher who is interested in a school trip to DR.


Kiosk Project: Jim has worked hard to renovate the kiosk at the main entrance, installing new accessible window displays. He has posted information on Save1000Acres, and will work with Dan Hippert to see about other postings, which may include a large map of DR. We were disappointed to hear that vandals have already attempted damage, but the materials used by Jim kept the impact minimal. Jim asked about providing a new FODR signpost next to the plant guide stand. Fred said it was an inexpensive item. Colleen moved to reimburse Jim $608 for materials. Rick M seconded and the motion passed unanimously. The Board is grateful to Jim.


Restoration Report: First, Colleen has acquired a desk, a chair and linens to install in the Foreman’s Quarters. Dick will help her move it from her house.

Second, Dick has worked the past three weekends on restoration projects at DR, along with various helpers. Jerry supplied photos of the good progress.

 Third, Colleen is assembling information from various documents relating to conservation banks. Her goal is to write a comprehensive article summarizing her findings. Colleen will share documents she finds with other Board member to help clarify the information.

Second Sunday: Rick M has discussed the need for informational signage with City Ranger Greg Anderson. Both agreed that DR hikers may not realize that the ranch house is open on Second Sunday. Rick M moved to authorize up to $500 for Jerry to construct two sandwich signs declaring “Ranch House Open Today,” with possible space for the hours, which may change in the future. Su seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. Thank you to Jerry for taking this on.

Su asked about the status of the shuttle service on Second Sunday. She noted that the vehicles from San Dieguito are still available. Rick M will contact Dan to see what he has done, or can do.


Oak Borer: Jim attended a recent presentation about the Goldspotted Oak Borer, which is spreading through San Diego County and threatening its Coastal Live Oaks. In Julian, up to 90% of its oaks have been wiped out. The pest has been detected in Hidden Meadows, adjacent to DR. The borer has no natural predator here, and control measures are difficult and costly. DR has a large number of oaks, and the ecosystem’s health is dependent on them. The Board agreed to invite a speaker on this topic to our August meeting, with emphasis on actions we can take to help. Jim agreed to extend this invitation.

This topic inspired Su to suggest that FODR look into sponsoring periodic speakers/lectures open to the public on topics of interest to DR users.


Proposed Development Next to DR: Rick M told the Board that he read about a proposed “resort” to be located east of DR and west of Valley Center Road, on what used to be the Sager property, formerly a macadamia orchard. The proposal includes residential units and a hotel. Access would be from VC Road, where a signal would be installed. This property has apparently already been approved to have legal access to DR, which the proposed resort is touting as an asset. The Board will monitor this proposal, as “edge effects” can impact the biological health of DR.


Thank You Su: Due to personal obligations, Board Member Su Scott officially tendered her resignation from the Board. She said she will continue to help FODR in any way she can, and hopes to rejoin the Board at some point in the future. The Board extended its sincere thanks to Su for all she has done, and welcomes her presence at our Board meetings when she can attend.


Next Meeting: The next meeting is set for Wednesday, August 16 at 7 p.m. at the Train Depot in Grape Day Park, Escondido. Colleen said she would have a budget prepared for the November Annual Lunch. The Board agreed that members from the Escondido Charitable Foundation and the SD Foundation be placed on our mailing list, with a special invitation to the November lunch.


Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Mercurio, Secretary