Friends of Daley Ranch Executive Board Minutes

June 9, 2005

Present: Jerry Harmon, Carol Stanford, Fred Woods, and Rick Mercurio (a quorum)

Vice President Jerry Harmon opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at his home in Escondido. The board focused on ideas for the future of FODR. We discussed two other groups that we may want to include in the process of visioning: Hellhole Canyon and Escondido Creek Conservancy. We agreed that obtaining an executive director would be the best way to move forward and achieve our goals. We need to create a work program, to think of where we want FODR to be in five years. Jerry brought a series of questions from TECC to self-evaluate; FODR could use the same sort of process to set up a basis to ask the San Diego Foundation for financial assistance.

In the process of brainstorming a few potential goals surfaced:

· The ranch house restoration and conversion to an interpretive center

·An overall plan to permanently control erosion on the trails and roads

·Biological research programs to continually monitor Daley Ranch’s habitat with the help of CSUSM

·Native American involvement in educational and historical programs

·Expand on the Daley Ranch plant guide, with specific reference to seasonal variations

·Continued emphasis on acquiring more property and monitoring edge effects

·Goal of expanding our Executive Board to hopefully include an attorney and an accountant

·Goal of bringing a paid Executive Director on board within one year

The next meeting will be July 14 at the train station at 7 p.m. with City representatives invited. We are targeting Saturday, Sept. 10 for a Grape Days booth and Saturday, September 17 for a half day meeting to conduct a thorough strategic planning session.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, Secretary