Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting Minutes

21 June 2007

Present: Fred Woods, Jerry Harmon, Sally Thomas, Carol Stanford, Rick Paul and Rick Mercurio; guests Mike Whalen and Georgie Birch

     Fred opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at the home of Jerry Harmon. Minutes from the April meeting had been written by Sally. No meeting was held in May because we lacked a quorum. No treasurer’s report. Fred had cash from the iron ranger totaling $190.10. He noted that the iron ranger at the ranch house is frozen closed. Not only must it be opened somehow, it should be moved to a dry and convenient location.

     The Board discussed Rancho Guejito. FODR gathered over 60 signatures on petitions supporting its preservation. We agreed that these are primarily for educational purposes and that we may continue to secure more signatures on an informal basis. Meanwhile, Guejito stays in the news, as the public begins to pay attention. FODR will continue to participate in the telephone conference calls sponsored by Dan Silver. Thanks to Rick Paul for this.

     Rick Paul has also been busy discussing the Cougar Pass land for sale with Kit Wilson. The City is not interested in obtaining title to this land if it would entail mitigation and monitoring oversight. However the part of the land near the existing Cougar Pass parking lot is of possible interest to the City. Rick has obtained estimates for appraising the land, and is requesting that the owner split the costs with FODR. Escondido Creek Alliance could possibly apply for grant money to purchase this land. SANDAG has a form for groups to get on the list to apply for funds.

     The Board discussed illegal entrances to Daley. Rick Paul has requested that the City install no trespassing/no entry signage along Daley Ranch’s outside boundary where illegal trails enter the ranch. We also agreed to launch an educational outreach to discourage use of illegal trails and entrances. Carol and Sally will collaborate on writing a letter to neighbors plus an article in the next newsletter. We hope the City will offer its stamp of approval on such a letter. Everyone is encouraged to send suggestions to Sally and Carol.

     Fred visited the Von Seggren property near Lake Wohlford earlier today with Geoffrey Smith, Kit Wilson and a City representative. Fred indicated that the property is for sale and that the owners have expressed an interest in annexation to the City. Much of the land is badly disturbed from the paintball business and the recent fire.

     Jerry and Georgie expressed an interest in the use of native plants around the ranch house. This is a timely issue because the renovation is imminent. A committee of Mike, Jerry, Georgie and Fred will request that the City consider our input, realizing that historically native plants may not have been used. Rick Mercurio said that perhaps an area near the ranch house could be landscaped with natives and we could identify the various species in an educational display.

     The next meeting will be July 19 at the Train Depot.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio