Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting

June 20, 2013

Members present: Fred Woods, Jerry Harmon, Rick Paul, Mike Whalen, Dick Althouse. 
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM in the Train Station at Grape Day Park. 
Minutes:  Mike made a motion to approve the minutes from the May meeting.  Dick seconded the motion. 
Treasurer’s Report:  Rick P. provided the following information relative to the current account balances.  $28,477.37 is the total amount of the accounts.  New income is $91.00 in cash and $135.00 in checks. 

The City of Escondido has approved the plans that Dick had created and the demo portion of the restoration project is ready to proceed.  Dick reported that he has contacted Escondido Disposal and they have agreed to provide at least 2 dumpsters, (approx. 3 cubic yards each), for the demo of the roof on the Foreman’s Residence.  They will deliver both on Friday, June 21st.  Dick has arranged to meet them at the front gate and have the Rangers open the gate.  Escondido Disposal will provide more dumpsters if needed.  
El Caballo Park:  Rick P. was asked to provide an update on El Caballo Park.  The City of Escondido planning department will be selecting the specific person who will be assigned to design the Master Plan for the Park.  It is expected that the designer will be selected either this week or next. 
The Memorial Benches:  Jerry reported on the progress of the Memorial Benches project.  As we know the Escondido Appearance Committee has approved the project.  Jerry has already completed Sally’s bench and is very close to completing Irene’s bench. Jerry and Jim Schafer will be visiting the selected location to finalize the exact locations of the benches. 
Newsletter:  Fred brought up our newsletter and we all agreed that we need to generate some articles that could be used in our future newsletter.  We also could encourage new users to visit our Facebook page and also put out a request for people to volunteer to provide assistance for future projects. 

Iron Ranger lock:  Mike reported that the Iron Ranger outside lock needs to be replaced as he is no longer able to secure the existing lock.  He has made arrangements with the Ranger staff to have the lock replaced at B & B Lock and Safe on Friday, June 21st. 
QR Reader project:  Mike presented a concept for a future project that would involve printing QR codes, (Quick Response Codes), at various locations around Daley Ranch.  The QR codes can be read by a smart phone application and could be configured to present a webpage or direct someone to our Facebook page.  This project would enhance our social media hits and/or would enable us to present more detailed information about Daley Ranch.
School Groups:  Fred brought up the school group project that was very successful earlier this year in bringing almost 2000 7th graders to Daley Ranch.  He suggested that we should develop a presentation to encourage donations to help fund the school project for 2014.  
The next meeting will be at Jerry’s home on 18 July at 6:00 pm. 
Respectfully submitted in the absence of Board Secretary Rick Mercurio
Mike Whalen – Vice President