Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes

June 15, 2016


Present: Fred Woods, Rick Paul, Jerry Harmon, Jim Schafer, Dick Althouse, Colleen Mackinnon, Rick Mercurio and Su Scott.


Minutes and Treasurer’s Report: Rick M summarized the minutes from the May meeting. They were approved by acclamation. Rick P had a printed treasurer’s report.  He has been busy coordinating the transition to the new checking account, and has successfully balanced the books. We received a $100 donation at Second Sunday, hosted by Colleen and Su, and the donator desires a tee shirt. Rick M moved to approve $868 for the final bus payment for the school visits. Jerry seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


County Grant: The County has had issues receiving and/or depositing the reimbursement checks from FODR. They are now requesting a cashier’s check. The Board discussed this, and was concerned that the County might inadvertently deposit both. Jim moved to approve Fred obtaining and delivering a cashier’s check, along with written or emailed assurances from the County to return the previous checks. Rick P favored delivering the cashier’s check only after receipt of the other checks. Rick M seconded, and the motion passed, with Rick P voting no and the rest voting yes.


Akin Legacy Gift: Rick P contacted Nina Akin, daughter of Perla Akin, whose trust names FODR as a beneficiary. Rick P had left a voicemail asking how FODR might honor her mother. Nina returned the call and left a voicemail, which Rick P played for the Board. Nina was touched by FODR’s outreach, saying her mother loved  Daley Ranch and hiking there. Nina said that perhaps she and her sister would send photos of her mother or other remembrances to us. Rick P will follow up in about a month. After the legacy gift is received, FODR may launch an effort for others to follow suit.


Sunday Shuttle: Rick M has been in contact with Dan Hippert about using the mini bus transportation for Second Sundays recommended by Su. To date the shuttle service has not been initiated, but Dan said he is working on it. Su volunteered to help promote contact between Dan and the lady in charge of the service.


Interpretive Displays: Rick M has been in email contact with Kathy Boyd, the City’s volunteer coordinator. Kathy says that she has found two volunteers to spearhead this project: Iris and Lee. Rick M will stay in contact with all parties as this unfolds.


Newsletter: The quarterly newsletter is set for July. Rick M has submitted an article on Bill Sherrard with photos. Rick M will contact Peter Benson to ask him to write an article on the completion of Building 3. We will have photos related to this. Colleen volunteered to submit a “Save the Date” piece for Grape Day, on Sept. 10, and FODR’s annual picnic, on November 13. Bruce Swanson is on board.


Open Space Acquisition: As directed by the Board, Rick M drafted a letter of support to The Escondido Creek Conservancy as they work toward acquiring three parcels of open space near Daley Ranch. TECC received our letter and hopes for future joint efforts in their quest to improve the habitat and connectivity for wildlife.


Utility Buildings: Building 3 is complete. Dick has purchased split rail fencing to construct a barrier, requested by the City, around Building 4. He will be organizing a work party to build it. The fence must be clear of SDG&E right of way in the road. Dick is on the lookout for farm equipment or other implements that might enhance the visitor experience at the utility buildings. Dick spoke to Dan H about a solution to the security issue with the Foreman’s Quarters. Colleen will soon be shopping for period appropriate furnishings for this structure.


New Projects: Fred said that the City has received inquiries about a possible Eagle Scout project to build a butterfly garden near the ranch house. Irrigation may be an obstacle. Fred also suggested that FODR plant some natives around the Foreman’s Quarters, along with irrigation. He still has leftovers from the Las Pilitas donation. Fred also said that FODR might tackle improvements to the kiosk at the main entrance to Daley Ranch, since FODR paid for its construction many years ago. Ranger Greg believes that we have the authority to proceed. We could revamp the displays, replace the scratched and faded case, and spruce it up. Jim volunteered to look into this project.


School Visits: Fred has secured dates for all five middle school visits in 2017. He still needs to incorporate the Quantum Academy with a smaller school visit. The Board discussed whether we could expand the visits to other schools in Escondido. The consensus was to broach this idea with the ranger staff to see how they feel. FODR will formally request keeping the excess funds from the ECF grant for next year’s trips. Colleen and Su created surveys for teachers and they shared a couple responses, which may be reflected in our final report to ECF.


Guidestar and Facebook: Rick P volunteered to submit information to Guidestar about FODR. This website provides information on non-profits for potential donors. Rick P also is concerned about the volume of Facebook emails sent to our Yahoo account. Fred will ask David Woods if this can be addressed.


Plant Signs, Second Sundays, Tee Shirts: Colleen has scheduled June 23 at 9:30 to scout the existing plant signs in order to plan for replacements or repairs. Sunrise Rotary has helped in the past. All are welcome to join her.

Colleen and Su volunteered at a booth at the June 12 Second Sunday. They had good responses from the public, and received donations. Colleen has organized the materials into one box for others to easily set up. The Board appreciates their efforts, both past and future.

Colleen will contact former FODR Board member Mike Whalen to help her look into ordering 20 more tee shirts in sizes and with the “messages” we are short on. Jim moved to approve up to $200 for this order. Rick P seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Colleen also volunteered to set up a tee-shirt and hat section on the FODR website, and work on ways that donations can be processed.


Next Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 20 at 6 pm at Colleen’s home.


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, Secretary