Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes

June 19, 2019


Present: Rick Paul, Dick Althouse, Rick Mercurio, Denise Harter


Minutes and Treasurerís Report: The meeting was opened at 7 p.m. at the Train Depot in Grape Day Park, Escondido. A quorum was not present.

Rick M had written minutes for the May meeting, which were filed.

Rick P presented a written treasurerís report. The bus invoice of $9,995 for the school trips was paid. Dick Althouse was reimbursed $75 for the grain drill informational sign, having been approved by the Board via email earlier.

Jim Schafer has agreed to empty the iron ranger at Daley Ranch.


Building Restoration: Dick shared his ongoing work. He plans to use a 4X4 post to mount the new grain drill sign in front of the equipment on display in the viewing area. He will protect the sign with plastic. He has been working with John Schmidt, structural engineer, on preliminary ideas for strengthening the barn. But John is physically unable to work for the summer months, so Dick plans to resume consultations in the fall. Dick has various ideas on how to deal with the roof, rafters, blocking and tying it together.


Denise Harter Report: Denise has been working hard on several fronts. She presented a written and oral summary.

††††††††††† Wildlife Underpass: I presented my report on the illegal modification to the lower Valley Center Rd wildlife tunnel and the negative effect it had on wildlife movement at the June 14 meeting of the Wildlife and Habitat Conservations Coalition. I learned that the underpasses are governed by Country Dept. of Public Works and the wildlife access issue is Cal Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. Will follow up.

††††††††††† Daley Ranch Resort: Iím studying the Daley Ranch Resort Biological Technical Report, particularly as it pertains to wildlife

††††††††††† Facebook/iNaturalist: Jim Dillane has agreed to curate the plant identification on the Daley Ranch iNaturalist project. Likes and follow are up on both the DR and DRTT FB pages.

††††††††††† Advanced grant class: I have a clear picture of some of the information and resources we need to gather to make grant applications easier in the future.


Newsletter: Rick M said that three contributors have agreed to submit items for our July newsletter by July 1. Ann Van Leer will write about the John Henry/Save1000Acres progress. 2. Brian Swanson will write about the recently completed plant sign project. 3. Denise Harter will write about her upcoming work.


Mountain Bikes: Rick M reported that Ann has been in contact with the San Diego Mountain Bike Association. She said that group may be willing to work as a partner to help monitor the habitat and possibly co-sponsor events. The group has recently partnered with TECC to help restore an illegal single track trail that was created by a biker.


Next Meeting: The next regular meeting will be on Wednesday, July 17 at 6 p.m. at the home of Fred Woods.


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, secretary