Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes

June 21, 2022


Present: Jerry Harmon, Brocade Wu, Dick Althouse, Ron Franzese, Fred Woods, and Rick Mercurio


Minutes and Treasurer’s Report: Jerry opened the meeting at 2 p.m. at his Escondido home. The minutes from the April 29 meeting were approved by acclamation. Rick had emailed the final treasurer reports for May and the June to-date. He noted a dearth of donations. The Ivy Fund has lost a lot of value due to market downturns.


Interpretive Trail: Jerry wrote a letter to the City of Escondido detailing this project and the barn restoration, addressed to the mayor. The letter indicates how much FODR has spent so far and how much more money will be needed for both projects. Rick said that much progress is being made on sign mounting and the plans for the various signs. The kiosk is a part of the project that still needs a great deal of planning.


Barn Restoration: Dick called for an inspection last Thursday. The inspector wants certain roof work to be completed before the next inspection. He wanted FODR to keep the City informed of each step. We are making some changes with the architect that will be submitted and could save us money. Dick is still completing various phases and details of the project. He will be taking August off due to the heat and he will be out of town.


Social Media and Website: Brocade says her theme will be to “educate” our followers. The photos have been popular, including some she has taken. She has focused on the barn as well. She said that she will work on this with Don Piller.


Goals and Objectives: Membership and fundraising are very important. Jerry mentioned that legacy gifts can be very impactful, and that FODR should be proactive in reaching out to our members with professional-looking mailers. Rick offered to send out individualized letters to all our members asking for renewals and donations, but this was put on hold for now. Brocade will continue membership outreach on social media. Ron expressed his desire that FODR seek advice and expertise in looking for strategies for fundraising and membership. Before taking any firm action, the Board asked Fred to contact Trudy Armstrong and Jerry to contact Ann Van Leer for ideas and big picture planning advice.


July newsletter: Brocade has sent Rick wildlife photos submitted to her for social media. We will print those and give credit to the photographer, Dave Roberts. Brocade will also do some connecting blurbs about her social media. Rick will write a piece on the trail, with an appeal to our members to “Sponsor a Sign.” Jerry will write a President’s message.


School Visits: Fred and Rick submitted a grant to SDG&E last week, after having previously submitted a grant app to SDF. All middle schools have booked dates for 11 total trips next March through May. There will be five learning stations, including a teacher-inspired hike where students are gathering evidence for a project. Fred hopes to build an amphitheater at the Ranch House area for one station, using funds already provided from previous grants.


Sherrard Trail Guide: Rick spoke with Bill Sherrard on the phone last month. Bill had previously written and produced a booklet and CD highlighting all the trails at Daley Ranch. He is now asking FODR to sponsor an updated version of this publication, with new photographs. The Board generally approved this concept, but asked for clarification on Bill’s proposal. Rick and Jerry will connect with him on a three-way phone conversation and report back to the Board.


Next Meeting: July 26 at Train Depot with invited guest Darren Parker, Associate Planner for the City of Escondido. The time will be determined later.


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, Secretary